Russian billionaire senator charged with tax fraud in France

Russian senator Suleyman KerimovRussian billionaire senator Suleyman Kerimov was charged Wednesday with tax fraud in Nice and released under strict conditions, a state prosecutor said.

Kerimov, whose detention Monday upon arrival at the French Riviera airport in connection with a tax evasion case concerning his purchase of several luxury residences via shell companies provoked anger in Moscow, must hand over his passport and post bail of five million euros. He also faces restrictions on his movement, prosecutor Jean-Michel Pretre said.

Kerimov has represented the Republic of Dagestan in the Federation Council of Russia Since 2008.

On March 20, 2017 Kerimov was reportedly awarded the Order for Merit to the Fatherland of II degree by President Vladimir Putin for his outstanding contribution to the development of parliamentarianism and legislation

  • Niemals

    Russia ruled by Vladimir Putin has become a ‘toxic state’.

    Since Vladimir Putin is expected to run for his fourth presidential term in 2018, this scenario is dangerous.
    Today’s Russia is a dangerous state that preserves its legitimacy by provoking conflicts (Syria, EU), through the threat of war and the threat of confrontation.
    Vladimir Putin is mobilizing the society in Russia to support the authorities. That’s the only resource the regime currently has.

    The next year’s presidential election outcome in Russia is predetermined.
    Vladimir Putin will be nominated and get (as expected) an absolute majority of voices with the probability of over 95%.
    Remember Alexei Navalny? Navalny: ‘My name will be on the ballot’

    It is absolutely clear that Navalny will not be allowed to participate in the election because he is really the only opponent. He is a very talented politician.
    One can say that he is actually the only politician in Russia. Yulia, wife of Mr Navalny, treats him after the incident (AP)

    Every one knows that next year’s presidential election are actually not elections because Putin’s opponents will not be allowed to participate.