Hezbollah denies that its convoy in Syria was attacked by Israel


Lebanese media reported  on Wednesday that Israeli jets had allegedly carried out air strikes against a weapons shipment to Hezbollah near the Syrian capital of Damascus.

According to the reports , the targets that were hit around 3.00 am were affiliated with the Assad regime and were the regime army’s 3rd Division in the al-Katif suburbs of the capital and Syrian media had reported witnesses hearing “sounds of loud explosions” in the early morning hours.

The report also stated  that the IDF struck from within Lebanon, circling the Beqaa Valley and Baalbek, so as not to be blocked by the Russian defense systems operating in the area.

But Hezbollah issued a statement denying the reports of an Israeli airstrike, saying any reports of strikes against the group in Syria were incorrect.

This development comes after  Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said  in a televised speech  that Israel should count a million times before it goes to war with Lebanon.

“Hezbollah will have no red lines in the next war with Israel,” and also warned Israel from entering into a conflict with Hezbollah: “Israel should  count a million  before it goes to war with Lebanon.”

israel-hezbollah-flagsAccording to Israeli  media Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, who on Tuesday visited a Golani Brigade military exercise in the Golan Heights along with Eisenkot and the Commander of the Northern Command Maj.Gen. Aviv Kochavi said that after watching the drill, Nasrallah should remain in his bunker.

“We have just observed the Golani Brigade exercise, all regular and reserve soldiers who took part deserve praise, it was very impressive. It is perhaps the best response to all the threats and all the fictions we hear from beyond the border. Whoever didn’t see the Golani Brigade exercise can continue burying their head in an underground bunker.”

Liberman made similar comments to Army Radio earlier in the day, brushing aside the continued threats by Nasrallah, saying that “a dog that barks doesn’t bite.”

“I advise him to continue sitting there in his bunker, making these small cameos. I don’t intend to have any kind of public argument with him,” Liberman said.

Israel and Hezbollah fought a deadly 33-day war in 2006, which came to an end under UN Security Council Resolution 1701 which Israel has been  violating   almost daily

Spy devices 
Israeli spy devices south Lebanon
Israeli spy devices south Lebanon

A 12-member Israeli force  reportedly crossed the electronic fence overnight in the outskirts of the southern Lebanese  border town of Mays al-Jabal in the Kroum al-Sharqi area, Lebanese media reported on  Wednesday.

The Israeli  troops  reportedly planted  solar powered, spy devices  that consisted of  a camera and a transmission device

 Israel  installed   spying  devices in Lebanese territory several times in the past year, most recently in January.