Top Iranian general threatens to topple Bahrain gov’t after revoking citizenship of a Shiite cleric

Qassem Suleimani , the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards elite the Quds Force, has been described by the intelligence community as the “most powerful operative in the Middle East today and the sole Iranian authority on Iraq.”
Qassem Suleimani , the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards elite the Quds Force, has been described by the intelligence community as the “most powerful operative in the Middle East today and the sole Iranian authority on Iraq.”
One of Iran’s most senior military commanders has warned that the decision to strip Bahrain’s top Shiite cleric of his citizenship could result in the overthrow of the Gulf kingdom’s leadership.

Qassem Solemani, head of the Quds Forces unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, said that, in the case of any insult or disrespect for Sheikh Isa Qassim, “the toppling of the regime will only be a small part of the repercussions that will also include armed resistance,” according to the semi-official FARS news agency.

Bahrain’s Ministry of the Interior revoked Qassim’s citizenship, the Bahrain News Agency reported Monday, citing his “major role in creating an extremist sectarian environment and worked on dividing the society.”

Supporters of the cleric have been staging a sit-in outside his home, and there were sporadic clashes between supporters and authorities Monday night in some villages.

Police have been widely deployed and the Bahraini national guard has been mobilized in Sitra, a village that has been a flashpoint for unrest.

The Ministry of Interior warned against “calls inciting security disturbances,” stating that legal action will be taken against “violators.”

Solemani added that the move could herald “a bloody intifada with consequences whose responsibility will fall on those who legitimize the arrogance of the Bahraini rulers.”

While most Bahranis identify as Shiite Muslims, the country is controlled by a Sunni elite, with many top government posts occupied by members of the longtime ruling Khalifa family.

Bahrain’s capital, Manama, saw huge — largely non-sectarian — street protests five years ago during the Arab Spring, with weeks-long protests taking over the city’s then-iconic Pearl Monument, which was subsequently torn down by the government, which resisted toppling during the region-wide unrest.

Solemani blasted the regime’s “unacceptable and inhuman oppression, discrimination, injustice and humiliation” of what has been a largely peaceful opposition to the monarchy.

Solemn added that “meaningful silence” from the U.S., the U.N. and the international community has emboldened the Baharani government’s crackdown on dissent.

The tiny Gulf nation is a close U.S. military ally and host to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

Revocation legal :Bahraini official

Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to United Kingdom, tweeted that the decision is constitutionally sound.

He added in another tweet that Qassim has the right of appeal.

Human rights abuses alleged
Human Rights Watch characterizes Bahrain’s human rights climate remains “highly problematic.”

“The country’s courts convict and imprison peaceful dissenters and have failed to hold officials accountable for torture and other serious rights violations,” the rights organization’s Bahrain country page says.

“Human rights activists and members of the political opposition face arrest and prosecution and dozens have been stripped of their citizenship.”

Citizenship revoked for ‘extremism’
The Iranian -backed Lebanese group Hezbollah, long designated a terror organization by the U.S. State Department, has also condemned the decision and warned that it will lead to unrest, FARS reported in a separate article.

The revocation “pushes the Bahraini people to difficult choices which will have severe consequences for this corrupt dictatorial regime,” a Hezbollah statement quoted by FARS said.

The move comes shortly after a Bahrain court suspended the main Shiite opposition party, known as al-Wefaq, and frozen its assets.

The Ministry of Justice accused the group of working “to create a new generation that carries a spirit of hatred,” promoting sectarian tension and securing “legal cover for acts associated with extremism and terrorism,” the official Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported.

In 2012, Qassim was at the center of clashes between supporters and authorities as government security forces tried to prevent thousands from converging on a mosque to hear a sermon by the Shiite cleric, who had earlier come under attack in pro-government media for meeting the Iranian consul in Bahrain.

  • Barry

    This is huge and it proves that Iran is Shiite supremacist. it is ready to go to war for a Shiite cleric’s citizenship. This dude don’t play.

    • Rascal

      This is but a simple excuse, Iran thinks it owns many countries and they will all bow to them when threatened or terrorized. All this does is highlight the ineffectiveness of the Obummer administrations ability to provide a deterrent in protecting its allies. To reinforce their theory, back when Iran kidnapped the US soldiers in the gulf, the US showed an embarrassing amount of weakness, so Iran thinks it can get away with anything.
      When or if the US shows some balls and starts whacking Iran’s shiite extremists, it might be able to redeem itself. Right now, Iran does not fear the US because it knows how Obummers red-lines work, they are doted with many holes.

      • PatienceTew

        Could it be that the US has ‘shiite-sympathetic’ leadership’ ??

        • Rascal

          This is possible, but why? Iran is just another Islamic state with a broken morality.

          • PatienceTew

            Maybe I should’ve said ‘leadership at the very top’ ??

        • man-o-war

          Maybe if Sunni terrorist stop attacking innocent civilians in the US you’ll see a a more ‘Sunni-sympathetic’ ‘leadership’.

  • Rudy1947

    I’m curious how the great General Salami will deal with the USN 5th Fleet.

    • Rascal

      Maybe they are counting on their great Mahdi to help them preform a miracle. Religious zealots they are.

    • MekensehParty

      as usual
      through divine (empty & meaningless) threats

      • Rascal

        The threats of arming proxies and smuggling weapons is very real as they have caught many already.

        • MekensehParty

          They’re only a threat to themselves
          What have the Iranians and Hezbollah done to change things to their favor lately?
          Only divine speeches…

  • Rascal

    Is this not a declaration of war?
    Iran is great at arming proxies in countries it wishes to destabilize, but the war has not hit home yet, maybe that might help them realize the wastefulness of war and conquest when the bombs start hitting Tehran. That is what it is pushing for when it calls for continued terrorism in other countries.
    Iran is struggling with several wars right now that it has involved itself with, and it wants another on it’s plate?
    And Iran calls the US “the Great Satan”, hypocrites. In case Iran has not noticed, they are also an Islamic State, much the same as the other Islamic State pushing their fvcked up religion on people. All a bunch of blood hungry warlords and Islamic terrorists.
    Marg bar Khamenei.

    • wargame1

      These bunch are the shia Khawarij with same attitude.

  • MekensehParty

    pff more barking between dogs
    hope the biting starts

    • Rascal

      The Iranians are really asking for it. They talk trash about every country. Why would any country want to make business deals with these bunch of Islamist retards and mental midgets? They need to look within and see that the average Iranian is much worse off when comparing freedoms.

      • MekensehParty

        The more they look within the more they see the Iranians boiling and the more they think that the loud barking will keep them on top.
        All the dictators in the world do just that
        “I’m strong, I can harm, I will harm, Don’t you dare…”
        The louder they get the sooner they fall

  • PatienceTew

    ‘Revoking citizenship’ is a gentle way of ridding oneself of ‘Iranian-backed scum’, if, pulling the stopper in the tub fails to work. Maybe the ‘general’ will dive in trying to rescue him??

  • Rascal

    “The country’s courts convict and imprison peaceful dissenters and have failed to hold officials accountable for torture and other serious rights violations,”

    And Iran doesn’t do this? What a joke Iran is. They also don’t have prostitutes and gays from what their leaders say. Bunch of angry retards for leaders that don’t even see how big a hypocrites they are.

    Marg bar Khamenei.

  • Rascal

    Protests have been allowed in Bahrain and police only step in when the shiites turn violent,which is quite frequent, in Iran protesters are NOT allowed to assemble and opposition are arrested, jailed, murdered, hung for crimes against god……the list goes on and on. Iran has no place to comment on the freedoms of other countries when their own freedoms are a disgrace to mankind. This cleric can go live in Iran but Iran and compare the freedoms from the head DICKtator.

  • 5thDrawer

    At this point in the histories, they ALL “Promote Sectarianism” … and threaten to continue it.