Hezbollah’s Death toll in Syrian civil war tops 1263

A funeral of a Hezbollah fighter killed i the Syrian war
A funeral of a Hezbollah fighter killed in  the Syrian civil war

Al Sharq al Awsat newspaper reported on Tuesday that the human and moral cost of  Hezbollah’s involvement  in the Syrian civil war over the past  four years has become extremely high   and has become a huge burden  which is expected to get more serious following  Syria’s  post- war era .

Al Sharq al Awsat  sources revealed that  Hezbollah’s Death toll in the Syrian civil was  1263  at the end of last week most of them reportedly form the elite forces.

During Last week end Hezbollah admitted the loss of another 8 fighters , but  security sources reported that the actual number was 17 , which results in a  death toll until last week end of 1280 .

Hezbollah is actively engaged in a number of offensives launched recently by the Syrian army , the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Shiite militia forces against rebel-held positions in various districts across the country, backed by the Russian air force.

Russia escalated its involvement in the Syrian civil war last month after President Vladimir Putin attained parliamentary approval to utilize force abroad.

The Russian presence on the ground has since increased, while the Russian air force has begun providing air coverto the Assad forces .

Hezbollah has sent elite forces across the border with Syria to bolster Assad’s regime in the face of an Islamist-led uprising.

Hezbollah’s performance
Ali Al-Amin, a Lebanese political analyst and researcher, spoke of “major objections within the group over its performance in Syria” after it recently suffered great losses in lives at the hands of Syrian rebel groups.

The growing state of restlessness with the “absence of prospects for victory [in Syria]” has exceeded the Lebanese group’s support base to its leadership, according to Amin.

“The debate has moved to the inner circle of the group represented by its jihad council, with voices starting to question how after all the sacrifices they made in Syria, the Russians came and took all of their achievements,” Amin said.

A key ally of Assad, Russia increased its military presence in Syria last month and launched a series of airstrikes which it said targeted the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group. However, analysts argue that the Russian buildup is meant to shore up Assad’s forces and their Hezbollah backers weakened by a series of gains by rebels.

Hezbollah’s dead in Syria were not limited to highly trained fighters but also included dozens of high-ranking commanders, the latest of whom was Hassan Hussein Al-Hajj, aka Hajj Maher, a founder of the pro-Assad militia.

Hajj was killed by Syrian rebels in the El-Ghab valley north of Hamah province earlier this month and was described by Hezbollah as “a senior commander” who was close to the group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Amin said: “Hezbollah’s losses in Syria exceeded expectations … and its elite Al-Radwan battalion has been greatly exhausted to the extent of disintegration after the loss of its commanders and professional fighters in the Zabadani battle.”

YL with al Sharq al Awsat

  • Caribbean

    “Hezbollah’s losses in Syria exceeded expectations … and its elite Al-Radwan battalion has been greatly exhausted to the extent of disintegration after the loss of its commanders”

    Hezbollah disintegration for losing over a thousand fighters and some top commanders? the most powerful Arab army who fought the Zionist for decades and gave the Arabs their first victory against Israel in 2006 will fall apart so easily.Isis probably have lost 30 thousand fighters and still going strong

    • arzatna1

      Are you suggesting they should also lose 30,000 .
      I don’t think they have that many members

      • Zai Limpao

        Sarcasm is not for everybody.

        • 5thDrawer

          THAT’s for damn sure. :-)))))

        • O

          Sarcasm doesn’t work well on a black and white screen. Anyone attempting it is….well

      • Patience2

        Well, maybe if they ‘scratch around’??

      • O

        That 1267 (or whatever it is) is only the dead. Injured, in any war, is usually much much higher. Meaning their capacity to fight has been reduced by the thousands, if not tens of thousand.

        • Hannibal

          Keep dreaming…

          Fa-inna hizbu’llah hum al-ghālibūn!

          • O

            Lol sweetie it’s not a dream. It’s a fact of war that the injured usually total more than the dead. You dumb religious bigot.
            And your heroes needed Russia to save their asses.
            Seriously are you that retarded?

          • Hannibal
          • O

            Lol is that all you got

      • Caribbean

        I’m not saying that. The article makes it look like it’s the end of Hezbollah because they lost some top commanders and hundreds of fighters.Israel killed all Hamas original founders but Hamas is stronger than before

    • Hannibal

      It is funny that they tally Hezbollah’s losses but never ISIS losses which amounts to thousands. Hoping for millions soon as the Russians pound them to oblivion.
      The Syrian war is the best thing that ever happened to humanity… It brought all the thugs militant islamists in one location to clean them up once and for all and put some fear of God in the tyrant’s head as a plus.

      • O

        “The Syrian war is the best thing that ever happened to humanity”

        You disgusting son of a whore!
        How many children, women and old people have been killed just to satisfy your hatred of Muslims??
        You are a disgusting filthy sad excuse for a human.

    • Maborlz Ez-Hari

      You remind me of Billy oceans Caribbean queen, now we’re sharing the same dream and our hearts they beat as one no more love on the run…..
      You gotta here my voice it’s shocking.

  • 5thDrawer

    (Advertising agent Dials the Cave phone number….)
    ‘Say Boss … We still love those Friday Come-To-Listen sessions, and the Fire&Brimstone Homilies, but I gotta tell you that the folks are noticing a few mangled bodies shuffling around, and some missing too.’
    ‘What’s that? Resist Noticing? But I just pasted up new ‘Notice Us’ posters.’

  • Barry

    I am surprised by the high number of Iranian, Syrian and HA really high ranking officers killed in action. is it bc they are in front lines, manning the battlements? Are they being assasinated? The sheer number is astounding. Iranians lost half dozen generals or equivalents. That is an insane amount in war.

    • Hannibal

      Good leadership is at the front not hiding in bunkers like that thug Baghdadi.

      • O

        yeh? So where is your hero, nasty?
        Hypocritical liar

      • Barry

        That or they are being set up or assasinated. I have read many accounts of war and I am not sure of a single conflict in which so many top ranking generals were killed. You could be right. I am just perplexed.

    • Maborlz Ez-Hari

      They are surplus stock, I think you will find they were all shot from behind.