After 27 election sessions Lebanon is still without a president

Baabda presidential chair  awaits the new occupant of the palace
Baabda presidential chair awaits the new occupant of the palace

The Lebanese parliament failed today and for the 27th   time in a row to elect a president to replace Michel Suleiman whose term ended on May 25 last year

As in the past sessions the parliament was unable to reach a quorum because the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group and its ally MP Michel Aoun’s Change and Reform bloc MPs boycotted the sessions.

Speaker Nabih Berri a key ally of  Hezbollah postponed  the election to September 2 , 2015 .
Only 34 MPs from the March 14 alliance and  Berri’s  Development and Liberation bloc attended, according to media reports.
Today’s  parliament session coincided with the visit to Lebanon  by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif .
zarif nasrallahIran has been blamed for the impasse , but Zarif claimed at the end of his  2 day visit that his country does not meddle in the  internal Lebanese affairs.

 “We do not meddle in internal Lebanese affairs and neither should other countries, ” he said during the second day of his trip to Beirut:

He made his remarks during a press conference with Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil .

“Iran extends its hands to neighboring countries for cooperation,” added Zarif.

He stated that the nuclear deal that Tehran had signed with major powers in July underlines the importance of dialogue in ending disputes.

“We demonstrated that the use of force and sanctions cannot resolve regional conflicts,” he remarked, while noting that countries in the region now have the opportunity to adopt such an approach.

“Lebanon is a symbol of dialogue and constructive cooperation among its diverse people,” said Zarif.

Bassil  on the other hand attempted  to curry favor by excessive use of compliments and  praise said  Zarif brings with him three victories during his Beirut trip:

Basil- Zarif– The first :  “The victory of Lebanon’s resistance against Israel” during the July 2006 war.

– The second : “He also brings with him the victory of dialogue against international isolation,” a possible  reference to the nuclear deal.

-The third  : “He brings with him the victory against the takfiri threat,” he stated, while stressing that “we stand in a single trench with Iran in confronting this challenge.”

Earlier, Zarif had held talks with Speaker Nabih Berri and Defense Minister Samir Moqbel.

He had arrived in Lebanon on Tuesday as part of a tour of the region.

He kicked off his talks by meeting Prime Minister Tammam Salam  at the Grand Serail and later Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallahat an undisclosed location

Zarif heads to Syria on Wednesday after concluding his trip to Lebanon.

Many experts believe Iran does not want a president in Lebanon for the time being and is working behind the scenes to abolish the Taif accord which calls for equal power sharing between the Muslims and the Christians

  • arzatna1

    What a shame !
    Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil is a master asskisser
    all the 3 victories are hogwash

  • arzatna1

    Zarif is a master bullshitter to state “We do not meddle in internal Lebanese affairs ” .
    Even his ally speaker Nabih Berri suggested following the 26th presidential election session that once Iran gets its nuke deal , this would speed up the election of a president

    • 5thDrawer

      “We do not meddle in internal Lebanese affairs ..” … We just give ‘ADVICE’ to the FatBoy.

  • MekensehParty

    Victory! Victory! Victory!
    … of garbage

  • nagy_michael2

    And he brings with him money honey don’t you forget that. Basil and Aoun and jumping jack after Zarif showed u. By the way shou annou Zarif hal Zarif wa dammmou khafif lol. Question is will there be true election on Sept 2nd after this visit? let’s hope it will lead to voting for a President. I shall Zarif how was the smell of the garbage on the way from the Airport? i guess he didn’t mind it i suppose..

    • dateam

      How sad. You can’t see both sides just as guilty as each other. When the other side including gagea go to saudia arabia what are they going there for? When the Christians all agreed on the orthodox law only to have gagea get last minute instructions from ksa to withdraw you don’t see that? I wonder how mustaqbal would react if the Christians got in the way of the election of the pm? One must ask who has the power now with the presidential party? Is it not mustaqbal?

      • nagy_michael2

        i don’t give a fuck about Geagea or Aoun.. so stop your sarcasim. geagea do not have to go there to get money. he can have it deliver it to him i am sure. look at Aoun and Basil so much properties they own and a nice TV stations. he was a general not a CEO of IBM in order to amass millions. Hezbollah gets hundreds of millions of dollars from Iran in order to fight it’s wars. Geagea now is the least of evil of majority of them.

      • nagy_michael2

        yesterday at the parliament when the ministers were meeting to discuss the garbage crisis aoun and M8 wanted to stick to electing officials. what is more important now the officials or garbage? and if they and hezbollah want to elect officials tell the assholes to show up and vote for a president at least.. don’t get me started..

        • dateam

          There’s always someone to blame isn’t there? Why thr frig are we in this position with the garbage? I am yet to hear a proper explanation? What country on this planet goes through this? It dosent need a friggin parliament session to fix it. It just needs to be friggin fixed or the person in charged have the decency to resign whoever it may be. But who are the shareholders of sukleen go ask urself that. Regarding the presidency yes it’s a disgrace. Whther you like aoun or not he has the most seats in parliament of all the Christians. If it was gagea or gmayell or whoever they would be entitled to do the same. How would your beloved mustaqbal feel if the Christians did the same to the pm seat. Please give me a break and stop whining and ask those you support to take some responsibility.

          • nagy_michael2

            First and foremost i hated Rafiq hariri in the past because he was buying into Christians properties at high prices and rumors then that he was driving christians out because of his money and power. but I found out that he was also employing christians and helping others so i got confused with that. but he gained my sympathy when he was killed among other great lebanese that went down with him and hardly mentioned the poor souls. I do not love al mustaqbal and neither geagea. i have to admit i was a big support of Bashir even though i didn’t like some of what he did in the past. The only reason Aoun has more seats because of Hezbollah and money. so if Geagea had that or gemayell i am sure they will have more seats. But in real democracy there should not be christians or muslims. should be like republican and democrats and other parties. as far as the Garbage yes it needs a meeting because everyone in lebanon they are protesting they don’t want the trash dumped at their area. so it does requires emergencies sessions..I don’t mind by the way if the christians change from President to PM. the PM has more power thanks to the Syrian regime and Saudi then who gave the sunnis more power. or did you forget then who was in power. did you forget also when Syria was in lebanon they trained and helped armed hezbollah instead of the Lebanese army. yes geagea and al mustaqbal are not angels but at least they are not going around terrorizing people. if they were and after killing rafiq and having money they could have retaliated big time against hezbollah. not a single M8 member got killed after so many m14r’s got killed. oh yes you are going to tell me it was Israel.. thank you for the inside info.

          • 5thDrawer

            You won’t have agreement on garbage, when ‘the tops’ can’t allow two people who love each other to be married, or a woman to adopt a child she cares for for 6 years, unless it’s ‘approved’. That simple.