Mitri briefs media on results of cabinet session

Lebanon’s Information Minister Tarek Mitri briefed the media on the results of the cabinet session that was held at the Baabda Palace – The cabinet has decided to postpone the discussion of the municipal Elections until Tuesday January 26 – The cabinet confirmed that state sovereignty is non negotiable and no Palestinian arms should be […]

Mitri: Let us not fool ourselves when we say we are working toward abolishing political sectarianism

Minister of Information Tarek Mitri told Al-Ousbou Al-Arabi magazine that Hezbollah “as a significant political power, needs to prove through its actions, that it really considers the state the sole authority as mentioned in the Ministerial Statement.” “Let us not fool ourselves when we say that we are working toward eliminating political sectarianism,” he said, […]

Pharaon: Christian ministers support PM Hariri.

State Minister Michel Pharaon said following a meeting of Christian March 14 cabinet ministers at his residence that the” Ministerial Statement contains several positive points, but at the same time raised many questions for which we need answers” “The Ministerial Statement should have confirmed that the Shebaa Farms is Lebanese territory,” he said adding that […]