Bassil blasts Lebanon govt for closing some of the Lebanese embassies


The mere idea of closing some embassies by the caretaker government means suffocation of Lebanon and a crime against millions of Lebanese.

The head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, stressed in a statement on social media that “the Lebanese diaspora is Lebanon’s second lung. Whenever I open lines of communication with the Lebanese communities in the countries of diaspora, the oxygen in the body of the motherland increases and the level of wellness and vitality increases.”

Bassil believed that “the mere thought of the caretaker government, which lacks legitimacy and lacks a charter, to close the embassies in Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Malaysia, in addition to the General Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a strangulation of Lebanon and a crime against millions of Lebanese spread in these countries.”

He added: “Whoever does not realize the value of the Lebanese expansion does not understand the meaning of Lebanon.”

The importance of the diaper for Lebanon

Remittances sent home by Lebanese living abroad stood at 4.6 billion U.S. dollars, or 37.8 percent of the country’s GDP, in 2022, representing the highest ratio in the Middle East and North Africa region, a UN report has said.

Dubbed “The Increasing Role and Importance of Remittances in Lebanon”

The report was launched by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) explores the changing role of remittances before and after the 2019 economic and financial crisis.

The report estimates that remittances to Lebanon amount to approximately 6 to 7 billion dollars yearly between 2011 and 2021.

Before the crisis, these inflows used to serve as household additional income and be used mainly in consumptions and human capital investments, such as health and education. But now they are primarily used to meet the basic and survival needs of recipient households, said the report.

“Exploring remittance trends is important for UNDP as they constitute a significant part of the Lebanese economy. The detailed insights from this research provide a clear picture of how remittances are being used and their impact on Lebanese households and the economy at large,” said Melanie Hauenstein, UNDP Resident Representative in Lebanon, at a press conference to announce the report’s results.

“Understanding these dynamics allows us to create more effective strategies and policies that can leverage these funds for sustainable development and economic recovery,” she added.

The report noted that the steady flow of remittances indicates a strong connection between Lebanese expatriates and their country which must be a chance to channel these financial flows into investing in local development and recovery initiatives.  

Many Lebanese leaders are expected to also raise hell about the closure of the embassies , since the Lebanese diaspora is” Lebanon’s second lung” as Bassil said .

Many in Lebanon believe that if it was not for its diaspora , many parts of Lebanon could face hunger and starvation after the banks stole their hard earned money .

One observer told Ya Libnan ” Caretaker PM Najib Mikati is the richest man in Lebanon and these remittances mean absolutely nothing for him, for this reason I can understand why he does not give a damn about the diaspora ”

Ya Libnan/ El Nashua



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  3. Dan Porter Avatar
    Dan Porter

    Knowing that Nagib Mikati is what it is, this unilateral action of closing the embassies abroad is a direct attack to all Lebanese. including his own people the Sunnis, but I can only speculate why this happened, this is related that Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Malaysia, in addition to the General Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is related to a secret conspirator between the USA, Israhell, the Uk, Germany and yes Saudi Arabia to boycott the aligned Countries against the Israeli Terrorist killing people in Palestine and Bombing Lebanon every day.

    1. I agree with you in what nobody has seen or mentioned in a long time, the terrorist are the Israeli Squatter Jews, te closing of embassies is wrong, but lets not forget that Michelle Aoún gave conssetions to the Israeli for the exploitation of oil in the territorial Lebanese Ocean. in exchange for the removal of his son in law Gibran Bassil, this was a big mistake, because Israel is an illegal occupier, and dealing with them is giving legitimacy to the illegal occupier. that said, this divisions in Lebanon favour external occupation either by politics or real ground invasion, in a game played by the Israeli Terrorists, UK, USA, Germany, and France, all those negotiate in favour of Israhell.

  4. correction “in exchange for the removal of Gibran Bassil from the USA black list”

  5. Get rid of crooks like Basil, Mikati , Berri and Hassouni..
    They killed our Lebanon
    No more please hang them in downtown Beirut

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