Why haven’t we been reporting on the presidential election in Lebanon?

baabda palace chair
Baabda presidential chair awaits the new occupant of the palace after president Michel Aoun’s term expired on October 31 , 2022 .

By : Ya Libnan Editorial Board

The presidential election is a crucial event for any country, and Lebanon is no exception. However, our readers may have noticed that we have not been reporting on the latest developments regarding the presidential election. This is not due to a lack of interest or effort, but rather, the result of a lack of reliable sources.

As an independent news organization, we are committed to providing our readers with accurate and verified information. Unfortunately, the situation in Lebanon has made it difficult to find such sources. Most of the information we have been receiving is either fake or wishful thinking .

The Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group and its allies have been promoting the election of  Marada Movement chief Suleiman Franjieh, a key ally of Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad . France is also backing Franjieh but the rest of the group of 5 countries that are involved in the Lebanese file , namely Saudi Arabia , Egypt, Qatar and the US consider Franjieh as an extension of the regime of former president Michel Aoun who was proclaimed as the worst president Lebanon ever had

None of the above four countries publicly declared that they will veto the election of Franjieh , but privately during meetings with the opposition they are reportedly working against his election , because Franjieh means more Iranian influence also represents the return of the Assad regime’s hegemony over Lebanon.

On the other hand the disunited opposition is only united against the election of Franjieh and has failed so far in finding a candidate that will be acceptable to all, primarily because all the main Christian parliamentary blocks oppose Franjieh , who is considered the weakest Christian leader.

While the Hezbollah backed camp continues to spread fake and unreliable information about the support of Franjieh within the group of five , mainly Saudi Arabia, the opposition continues to claim that Franjieh has no chance of being elected .

The country has been facing a political crisis for years, with corruption and instability plaguing the government. This has created a challenging environment for journalists to operate in, with many media outlets facing censorship, intimidation, and harassment.

Despite these challenges, Ya Libnan remains committed to keeping our readers informed about the latest developments in Lebanon. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will report on the presidential election as soon as we are confident that we have obtained accurate and reliable information.

We understand the importance of the presidential election in Lebanon, and we are committed to bringing our readers the most accurate and reliable information possible. We ask you therefore to bear with us . As soon as we can obtain reliable information we will be the first English language news organization that will report it … and that is our promise