MP Jamil Sayyed urges Salameh to expose Lebanon Mafia , before they kill him

MP Jamil Al-Sayyed Lebanese politician, who is a current Member of the Parliament of Lebanon, and the former head of Lebanon’s Sureté Générale or Lebanese General Security Directorate.

MP Jamil Al-Sayyed tweeted on his Twitter account :

“No! Riad Salameh is not alone responsible and focusing on him alone is a perversion of justice !”

He was referring to the the questioning of Salameh by European investigators over money laundering and stolen funds

File Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh is being investigated alongside his brother in Lebanon and at least five European countries over accusations of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars.

Al-Sayyed added, “He is the accountant of the Mafia that includes leaders, politicians, judges, officers, clerics, businesses, various media outlets, news websites, and media professionals who claim chastity.”

He concluded, “My advice to him: Expose their names and protect yourself before they kill you to obscure the truth and protect their heads.”