Mikati tells Aoun: Not the right time for dialogue Hariri says “no dialogue before Lebanon elections”

Lebanon PM Najib Mikati ( R) is shown meeting with president Michel Aoun ( L) Mikati is getting tired of Aoun’s demands and reportedly told him about a month ago during a meeting that he will give himself to discuss Aoun call for dialogue .

Government sources revealed to “Al-Mayadeen” channel which is closely linked to Hezbollah , that “Prime Minister Najib Mikati informed President Michel Aoun, that the time was not appropriate for holding a conference for dialogue,” stressing that “Mikati informed Aoun that holding the dialogue conference would lead to disagreements.

Earlier today , Aoun met Mikati, at Baabda Palace, as part of the consultations he initiated for preparation of the National Dialogue Conference, which he intends to invite all top politicians in Lebanon

Hariri won’t participate

Former PM Saad Hariri announced Friday that he has discussed the issue of national dialogue in a phone call with President Aoun.

A statement issued by Hariri’s office said the former premier called Aoun after the presidential palace telephoned the Center House regarding the President’s proposal about holding a national dialogue conference.

Hariri told Aoun that “he will not take part, because any dialogue on this level must take place after the parliamentary elections,” the statement said.

In a speech on December 27, the President had proposed “urgent” national dialogue over “broad administrative and financial decentralization, a defense strategy to protect Lebanon, and a financial and economic recovery plan that would include the necessary reforms and a fair distribution of losses.”

Too late

According to observers it is too late for Aoun to hold any such conference , since his term expires in October and since his ally the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group always reneged on all agreements reached during the dialogue talks .” It is waste of time they say”