Dr. Philip Salem urges revival of Lebanon revolution before the elections


Professor Philip Salem, President of Houston’s Salem Cancer Center, said, “I learned during my career in fighting cancer many very important things, the first of which is that I cannot treat any problem if I do not know the reason for its occurrence,” noting that “the main cause of the disease that afflicted us. As Lebanese, its origin is rooted in the Lebanese political culture, and if we do not change this popular mentality, we will not find a solution even if we change the entire corrupt political class.”

Professor Philip Salem called, during an interview via “Spot Shot”, for the revival of the Lebanese revolution as soon as possible and before the parliamentary elections,” stressing that “we have a historic opportunity, either we revolt or we accept the reality, which is the most dangerous thing that may happen.”

He added: “The revolution before the elections is the best thing that can happen, and its occurrence at this stage is the most appropriate time, because it will provide the momentum that will make people go to the polls and not elect the same political class.”

He continued, “Our problem with Hezbollah is that we reject its ideology, because it is rooted in religion, while we want a civil state in Lebanon. Hezbollah’s civilization is the opposite of Lebanon’s civilization.” “.

He addressed the Lebanese by saying: “I learned during my career in medicine that nothing is impossible, and I am currently treating two people who were told by one of the world’s largest institutions that there is no hope of their recovery from cancer,

“But they never have up, tried to find solutions and tried the treatment we gave them, and they are now recovering.”

About Prof Dr Philip Salem

File photo of Professor, Dr Philip Salem

Dr Philip Salem celebrated 50 years of practicing medicine in 2019

A world-renowned physician, researcher and educator, Salem is the president of Salem Oncology Center in the Texas Medical Center and the director emeritus of cancer research at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Dr. Salem is the recipient of many awards from all over the world for his contributions to cancer research. In the early 1970’s he was one of the first researchers to demonstrate that a chronic infection in the intestine may eventually lead to the development of cancer. His work on Immunoproliferative Small Intestinal Disease (a form of intestinal cancer), and the relationship between infection and the development of intestinal cancer has become a classic in modern medicine.

He is an active member of the top three cancer organizations in the world: American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO). In the last 15 years he was selected annually in the editions of America’s Top Doctors by Castle Connolly. Because of his stature and impact on cancer research, he was invited to serve on the editorial boards of several prestigious cancer research journals.

St. Luke’s has been Salem’s professional home for more than 27 years, and he said it has long been a place that not only cares for its patients but offers them compassion.

In 2018 Salem authored the book “Defeating Cancer: Knowledge Alone is Not Enough.” It brings home the idea that doctors need more than just science and facts to truly help their cancer patients.

“That passion of love and support that he gives to his patient and the family and the staff is just no comparison,” Toal said. “That passion he has is just, it’s all genuine. I’ve never seen such a depth of kindness.” Jeffrey Toal the executive director of the Salem Oncology Center was quoted as saying during the celebration of Salem’s 50 years of practicing medicine

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  1. In America, such a man can accomplish great things and speak-out in the name of the truth he sees. In Lebanon, not so much. He is not the first American thinking, “if only that part of the world was more like this one, everything there would be better.” But Lebanese, like Iraqis, like Afghanis, like many other countrymen do not want such a thing enough; for if they did, they would stand, be counted, and make their world different. They do not, so they will not have what America affords all of its citizens. The answer is not “move to America”; the answer is “change Lebanon or please suffer silently for it will have been your own choice.” Blogs in the online world don’t change the world, people acting in the real world change the world. Maybe he is willing to leave his American riches behind and return to Lebanon to make a more significant contribution in his, not his adopted, country …

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