Calls mounting for firing Lebanon info minister over Gulf row

Pressure is mounting on Lebanese leaders to fire George Kordahi a Cabinet minister whose insulting comments on the war in Yemen sparked a diplomatic row with Saudi Arabia. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese work in Sadia Arabia including his daughter Patricia . Only Hezbollah and its allies are encouraging him not to quit, which prompted many leaders to call for liberating Lebanon from Hezbollah and Iran

Pressure is mounting on Lebanese leaders to remove a Cabinet minister whose comments on the war in Yemen sparked a diplomatic row with Saudi Arabia

Cardinal Bechara Rai said the crisis with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations threatens to undermine the interests of thousands of Lebanese living there, as well as businesses in Lebanon that depend on the region.

“We look forward to the President and the Prime Minister and all those concerned to take a decisive action to remove the explosive fuse threatening the Lebanese-Gulf relations,” Rai said. “We call for this decisive position in defense of Lebanon and the Lebanese living in the country and abroad.”

The Lebanese people are tired of their corrupt politicians

His call echoed comments by the Lebanese-Saudi Business Council, an association that represents businessmen from both countries. On Sunday it warned of the crisis’ impact on trade and the economic interests of thousands of Lebanese living in the Gulf.

Even Kordahi’s daughter Patricia was still working in Saudi Arabia with Saudi MBC TV according to the above tweet but she was fired after her Dad’s insulting remarks

The council called on the government to remove Information Minister George Kordahi over his comments about the war in Yemen that stoked Riyadh’s ire. Politicians from leading Lebanese parties echoed the call.

HOUTHI rebels which ousted the legal government go Yemen are shown celebrating Kordahi’s supporting position . Iran Is smuggling weapons to the Houthis in Yemen, saudi FM said and accused Iran of blocking peace efforts

Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain followed Saudi Arabia in taking punitive measures against Lebanon following the discovery of Kordahi’s comments, recalling their ambassadors and asking Lebanon’s to leave their countries. Saudi Arabia, one of Lebanon’s biggest export markets, banned all Lebanese imports — a major blow for a country struggling with a crippling economic crisis.




2 responses to “Calls mounting for firing Lebanon info minister over Gulf row”

  1. UOE calls on its citizens in Lebanon to leave the country as soon as possible

  2. You never expect people like Kordahi to resign on their own because they never dreamt of reaching such a position in government to support their masters in Syria and Iran . People like him come with an agenda , don’t care about anyone not even his own daughter . This is why he should. be fired and not wait for one minute for him to resign on his own . If Mikati still has some guts left he should fire Kordahi immediately
    On the other hand Saudi Arabia can help Lebanon stand on its own feet if it helps the Lebanese Army . This is not the time to weaken Lebanon by banning all imports.
    The Lebanese are grateful for Saudi help but the Saudis should also show appreciation to the hundreds of thousands Lebanese ( I am one of them ) for what we have done in the past 70 years in building their country . In other words Saudi Arabia can and should penalize the government but not the people of Lebanon .

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