Jumblatt slams Hezbollah’s axis of defiance


Progressive Socialist Party leader former MP Walid Jumblatt slammed Monday in a tweet the so called “Axis of Defiance”

“They only utter threats,” Jumblatt said.

He added that the PSP and the National Movement “were fighting Israel” before “you existed , ” so lets stop all this overbidding .

Addressing the so called Axis of Resistance, Jumblatt went on to say that he believes in a Lebanon of diversity , Lebanon, the message, the free Arab nation. “that you want to abolish.”

The so-called Axis of Defiance is an alliance that includes Iran, Hezbollah , Syria, and their allies in the region.

The axis has been busy killing Arabs in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon . Not one shot has ever been fired at Israel by Iran , which has been been continuously threatening to eradicate the Jewish state. Similarly not one shot has been fired by Syria at Israel in the past 4 decades and since 2006 war Hezbollah has been maintaining very peaceful relations with Israel . Hezbollah’s current main role is to protect the corrupt ruling class in Lebanon and fighting any changes in Lebanon . This is why Lebanon has effectively become a failed state