Bassil obstructing Lebanon govt formation says France

File photo : President Michel Aoun (R) and his son-in-law M P Gebran Bassil , who aspires to replace Aoun when his term expires in 2022, but many analysts predict that Bassil who is the most despised politician and who heads up the FPM may not even be elected in the 2022 election as a parliament member . For this reason the anal=ysts believe that he s using delay tactics to prevent the holding of elections in 2022
File photo : President Michel Aoun (R) and his son-in-law M P Gebran Bassil . According to analysts Bassil has been blamed by all parties concerned for the impasse in government formation , because he is trying to get a blocking third in the cabinet to help him get elected as president when Aoun’s term expires in 2022.

A senior French source said hours after a phone call between the French and Iranian presidents that Iran is not obstructing the formation of the new government in Lebanon,

“Paris is convinced that Iran is not impeding the government’s formation and there are no Iranian demands regarding the government. The one who is obstructing it is president Michel Aoun’s son-in-law (Free Patriotic Movement chief) Gebran Bassil, who wants everything for himself,” the source told Annahar newspaper in remarks published Monday.

“Paris is asking Hezbollah to press its Aounist allies, but the party does not want a dispute with them,” the source added.

The source also said that France is “constantly” telling PM-designate Najib Mikati to form the government, stressing that the latter was not selected by France for the post.