Finally a Lebanon draft cabinet line-up emerged but still no white smoke


A draft of new Lebanese cabinet line-up has emerged over the past 24 hours and here it is . No white smoke yet since some names are still missing and the devil is in the details

– Prime Minister: Najib Mikati

– Deputy PM: Saade al-Shami (SSNP)

– Finance: Youssef Khalil (Amal)

– Public Works (Hezbollah)

– Culture: Mohammed Murtada (Hezbollah)

– Agriculture: Abbas al-Hajj Hassan (Amal)

– Foreign Affairs: Abdallah Bou Habib (President’s share)

– Defense: Maurice Slim (President’s share)

– Energy: Walid Fayyad (President’s share)

– Justice: Henri Khoury (President’s share)

– Social Affairs: Raffoul al-Bustani (President’s share)

– Economy: Greek Catholic candidate (President’s share)

– Industry: Tashnag Party candidate (President’s share)

– Youth & Sport: Druze candidate (President’s share)

– Displaced: Minorities candidate (Named by Aoun and Mikati)

– Tourism: Greek Catholic candidate (Named by Aoun and Mikati)

– Education: Abbas al-Halabi (PSP)

– Telecom: Johnny al-Korm (Marada)

– Information: Georges Kordahi (Marada)

– Interior: Bassam al-Mawlawi ( Mikati )

– Health: Firass Abiad (Mikati & Hariri)

– Environment: Nasser Yassine ( named by Mikati )

– Administrative Development: To be named by Mikati

The exchange rate of the US dollar in Beirut indicates that there is a level of optimism about the government formation , but as one official said today ” On paper there is a government but will only know for sure there is one after a decree is issued “