Security Council renews UNIFIL’S mandate for another year


The Security Council adopted on August 30 Resolution 2591, extending UNIFIL’s mandate for another year. 

The new resolution reaffirms UNIFIL’s mandate, as set out in Resolution 1701 (2006) and confirmed in subsequent resolutions. 

In Resolution 2591, for the first time, the Security Council requests UNIFIL to take “temporary and special measures” to support the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) with non-lethal material (such as food, fuel, and medicine) and logistical support for a period of six months. This would be done within existing resources, and in compliance with the UN Human Rights Due Diligence Policy. The Council also strongly urges further and increased international support for the LAF, while reiterating the necessity of an effective and durable LAF deployment in south Lebanon.

The Security Council further urges the parties to make constructive and expanded use of UNIFIL’s Tripartite mechanisms, including the sub-committee on the marking of the Blue Line. Tripartite meetings are the only forum where Lebanese and Israeli representatives meet and are essential to conflict resolution and confidence-building.

The Security Council, while urging the parties to abide scrupulously by their obligation to respect the safety of UNIFIL and other UN personnel, calls on the parties to take all appropriate measures to enhance the safety and security of UN personnel and equipment. The Council also calls for the rapid finalization of investigations launched by Lebanon into all attacks against UNIFIL in order to swiftly bring to justice the perpetrators of these attacks.

In the resolution, the Security Council calls upon the parties to strengthen their efforts to fully implement all provisions of Resolution 1701 (2006) without delay. The Council condemns all violations of the Blue Line by air and ground, and strongly calls on the parties to respect the cessation of hostilities, prevent Blue Line violations, and cooperate fully with the United Nations and UNIFIL.

It also condemns acts of harassment and intimidation against UNIFIL personnel in the strongest terms and urges all parties to ensure UNIFIL’s freedom of movement and access to the Blue Line.

UNIFIL has around 10,000 peacekeepers from 46 troop-contributing countries with a mandate to monitor the cessation of hostilities between Lebanon and Israel. It is also mandated to assist and support the Lebanese Armed Forces in keeping the area south of the Litani River free of unauthorized armed personnel, weapons, or other assets. Further, it assists the Government of Lebanon (at its request) in securing borders and other points of entry to prevent the unauthorized entry of arms or related materiel. 

Security Council Resolution 2591 (2021)