Mikati delays Baabda Palace visit as Aoun continues to obstruct govt formation



Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati said on August 2 that he had hoped for a quicker pace towards the formation of a new government and warned that his efforts would not be open-ended. August ends soon and still no white smoke

Lebanon Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati on Wednesday postponed a visit to the Baabda Palace for meeting with president Michel Aoun till Thursday, as Aoun and his son in law- Gebran Bassil continue to obstruct government formation Lebanese media reported

“The postponement of Mikati’s visit to Baabda today came after French interventions that requested some time to resolve some obstacles,” the reports added.

Aoun reportedly continues to obstruct the government formation. by insisting on having a blocking third in the cabinet . Aoun reportedly also vetoed ambassador Abdullah Abu Habib , the front runner for the ministry of Foreign affairs even though he originally suggested him . Abu Habib was the former Lebanese Ambassador to Washington

Al-Jadeed TV reported that Paris contacted Mikati to “urge him not to allocate the energy portfolio to the Free Patriotic Movement, ” whose founder is Aoun and whose current leader is Bassil .

FPM has been handling the energy ministry for over a decade and has reportedly done a terrible job as blackouts continue in Lebanon despite the $60 billion in subsidies