A suspect who was attempting to cross from Lebanon into Israel arrested by IDF

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The IDF arrested a suspect who attempted to cross the Lebanese border into Israel on Saturday evening.I

DF soldiers were called to the area after sensors along the fence alerted them about suspicious movement. The suspect was caught within a matter of minutes and was interrogated on location.

Israel has reportedly been building an upgraded border security fence with Lebanon but due to financial restraints, it has only completed several kilometers of the concrete barrier along the Lebanese border. The rest of the border is a fence that was originally built in the 1980s and though it provides the military with indications of breaches in the fence which allow troops to quickly get to the scene, there have been several infiltrations in recent months. 

With the financial situation in Lebanon continuing to deteriorate, there have been a number of migrant workers infiltrating into Israel including in June when 2 Turkish men  succeeded in crossing the border and were only caught 11 hours later.