Hezbollah gunman killed in Jiyeh south Lebanon

Hezbollah gunman Ali Shibli who was shot and killed while attending a wedding by Ahmed Zaher Ghosn” , the brother of Hassan Zaher Ghosn , a 14 year old teenager who was killed last year by Shibli .

This Saturday a person believed to be “Ahmed Zaher Ghosn”, the brother of Hassan Zaher Ghosn , a teenager who was killed last Aug 4 , shot Hezbollah gunman Ali Shibli with a military pistol while he was attending a family wedding inside the Pangia swimming pool in the Jiyeh area, injuring him with several shots in the chest,. He was transferred to a hospital. in Siblin where he died of his injuries. One relative of Shibli was wounded and he is reportedly in a serious condition

Here is tweet with a video that shows the wedding and the killing of Shibli

Hassan Zaher Ghosn 14 , was involved in a dispute in Khaldeh area inside a store that was owned by Ali Shibli. Shibli reportedly shot and killed Ghosn who belonged to an Arab tribe . The tribe reportedly asked Hezbollah to hand over Shibli to courts for trial but Hezbollah reportedly refused to hand him over . The tribe reportedly tasked many to intervene and mediate between in and Hezbollah with the aim handing over Shibli to the courts but Hezbollah refused to budge .

The killing of Shibli by by Hassan’s brothers Ahmed Zaher Ghosn” was described as a revenge killing which or “blood for blood ” a well known tradition of the tribes