Hezbollah gunman killed in Jiyeh south Lebanon

Hezbollah gunman Ali Shibli who was shot and killed while attending a wedding by Ahmed Zaher Ghosn” , the brother of Hassan Zaher Ghosn , a 14 year old teenager who was killed last year by Shibli .

This Saturday a person believed to be “Ahmed Zaher Ghosn”, the brother of Hassan Zaher Ghosn , a teenager who was killed last Aug 4 , shot Hezbollah gunman Ali Shibli with a military pistol while he was attending a family wedding inside the Pangia swimming pool in the Jiyeh area, injuring him with several shots in the chest,. He was transferred to a hospital. in Siblin where he died of his injuries. One relative of Shibli was wounded and he is reportedly in a serious condition

Here is tweet with a video that shows the wedding and the killing of Shibli

Hassan Zaher Ghosn 14 , was involved in a dispute in Khaldeh area inside a store that was owned by Ali Shibli. Shibli reportedly shot and killed Ghosn who belonged to an Arab tribe . The tribe reportedly asked Hezbollah to hand over Shibli to courts for trial but Hezbollah reportedly refused to hand him over . The tribe reportedly tasked many to intervene and mediate between in and Hezbollah with the aim handing over Shibli to the courts but Hezbollah refused to budge .

The killing of Shibli by by Hassan’s brothers Ahmed Zaher Ghosn” was described as a revenge killing which or “blood for blood ” a well known tradition of the tribes



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  1. Lebanon – 3 million liters of fuel oil were seized from Hezbollah-linked elements in Dahiya

    Yesterday, the Lebanese army raided a building owned by the Mandar family and a hired family in the Dahiya of Beirut.
    3 million liters of fuel oil were seized at the site, purchased at a subsidized price from the Lebanese government and sold at the black market in Lebanon at exorbitant prices.
    Members of the Mandar family and members of the Shachar family with whom the fuel oil was seized are affiliated with the Hezbollah organization.
    It is also quite clear that it is impossible to hold 3 million liters of fuel oil during such a period, in the Dahiya of Beirut without Hezbollah knowing about it. This is his home plot and such a sale operation, at a time when fuel oil is a highly sought after product in favor of operating private generators that generate electricity, is hard to keep a secret.
    After the Lebanese army confiscated the fuel oil (a video is attached, in which gunshots are also heard), members of the Shachar family and the Mandar family went to demonstrate last night under the headquarters of the Hezbollah security committee demanding that the organization help them release the confiscated fuel oil …
    They know it’s in the power of the organization and it’s a lot of money. Hezbollah, meanwhile, is trying to lower its profile so as not to be harmed by public criticism …

    1. The raid on the building where 3 million liters of fuel oil were found https://t.me/abualiexpress/30147

  2. Hezbollah operative killed in front of the cameras at a wedding in Lebanon

    Haj Ali Ali Shabli, a Hezbollah operative who took part in the battles against the IDF during the Second Lebanon War in Bint Jbeil in 2006, was assassinated this evening by a short-range gunman by an Arab, a Sunni, named Ahmad’Tzen (arrested).
    According to Lebanese sources, he avenged the blood of his brother, Hassan, whom he killed without a year ago https://t.me/abualiexpress/30151

    1. Ali Shabli, a Hezbollah operative killed https://t.me/abualiexpress/30152

      1. The family of Ahmad”tzen, who killed Hezbollah operative Ali Shabli yesterday at a wedding in Lebanon, is giving official backing to “Blood Revenge.” A proclamation on her behalf states that for a whole year she demanded that Ali Shabli be brought to justice for the murder of Hassan ‘Etzan, but the Lebanese authorities ignored and defended Shabli.
        According to her, there are hundreds of other “Ali Shabli” in Lebanon who are escaping punishment under the auspices of the authorities

        1. The incident in which Hassan Etzan was killed a year ago, which was the background for the blood feud yesterday https://t.me/abualiexpress/30155

          1. According to Sunni Lebanese Orab sources from the Khaleda tribes, to which the “Avenger” belonged, ambushed the funeral caravan of Hezbollah operative Ali Shabli and fired at her.
            As a result, Ali Shabili’s sister’s husband was killed and at least three others were injured.
            You can expect another round. This is not the end of the affair https://t.me/abualiexpress/30159

          2. According to reports by Lebanese media, as a result of the shooting of the funeral convoy, there are other dead in them, the head of the Chestnut area in Hezbollah, Ali Barakat.
            Hezbollah “rapid intervention” forces and Lebanese army forces arrived on the scene

          3. Additional documentation of the exchange of fire in the Khaleda area, where the funeral convoy passed. According to reports, there are a number of people killed by Hezbollah in the incident, in which Sunni Orab snipers, members of the Khaleda tribes, ambushed the funeral attendants https://t.me/abualiexpress/30161

          4. The reports of the death of senior Hezbollah Ali Barakat are not verified.
            Instead of a number of dead, some armed and wearing vest

          5. Khaleda, Lebanon (south of Beirut)

            The Lebanese army has announced that it will fire at any gunman who walks around the Khaleda and at anyone who fires

          6. Sky News: 5 killed in the shooting incident at the funeral caravan in Khaleda, Lebanon

          7. Three of those killed in the Khaleda incident today:
            The far left is Dr. Muhammad Ayub, the brother-in-law of Ali Shabli (who was his funeral).
            The middle one is Hassam Harpuf, a military operative (there is a picture of him basing his blood on his stomach while wearing a military vest).
            The far right is Ali Khoury.
            With the help of the Lebanese army, the body of Ali Shabli Mahalda was recently removed, after it was not brought for burial due to the shooting incident https://t.me/abualiexpress/30169

          8. Tripoli, the most powerful Sunni stronghold in Lebanon:
            Demonstration of solidarity with Sunni Khaleda Orabs in their struggle against Shiites and Hezbollah https://t.me/abualiexpress/30170

          9. A convoy of cars in Tripoli to support the Sunni Khaleda Orabs https://t.me/abualiexpress/30171

  3. Syrian media: 19 killed in Assad’s army, including officers in an explosion on a bus carrying soldiers in the Damascus area, this morning https://t.me/abualiexpress/30223

    1. Official Syrian News Agency: The cause of the bus explosion:
      “Short circuit….”
      Apparently it was a Tesla bus (:

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