Lebanon goes into 3-day lockdown to prevent coronavirus spread during Easter

 A strict lockdown came into force in Lebanon on Saturday to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during Easter.

The Lebanese government has imposed a three-day curfew starting Saturday until Tuesday, to discourage family get-togethers over the Easter holiday in an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Churches can open at up to 30 percent capacity during the Easter weekend lockdown, with residents needing permits to visit them, similar to trips to the supermarkets and pharmacies.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Forces party’s media department said in a statement that LF chief Samir Geagea has tested positive for the COVID-19 disease.

It said his wife MP Strida Geagea has tested negative.

The statement added that former Minister Ghassan Hasbani, an LF member, was infected as well.

On Friday, the Health Ministry announced 2,963 new coronavirus infections, raising the cumulative number of confirmed cases to 474,925.

It said that Lebanon also recorded 60 deaths.

Abdul Rahman Al-Bizri, the head of Lebanon’s national committee for the coronavirus vaccination, announced Friday that Lebanon is set to receive another 1.5 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine within 3 months.

Asharq Al-Awsat



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  1. Lebanese Emigrant Avatar
    Lebanese Emigrant

    Good luck. This is the beginning of a Nazi socialist fascist (communism) in Lebanon. Covet is the key to their world domination. Wake up people and take back your country or else you can kiss your asses goodbye!!

  2. As reported by the Maan agency, citing Orab media, an initiative group of hundreds of Falosstinian refugees in Lebanon applied to a Lebanese law firm with a request to seek compensation for them in exchange for waiving the right to return.

    The initiative has outraged the factions of the Faliestinian Joint Action Committee. “This is part of a project directed against the Paleostinian people, their legitimate rights, the main of which is the right to return,” they said in a joint statement.

    However, one of the leaders of the initiative group, Mustafa Belli, denies the accusations. According to him, people are simply looking for an opportunity to get out of Lebanon, which is experiencing a severe economic crisis. The lawsuit holds the UK responsible for the loss of Palestine and requires assistance in relocation to third countries and payment of “lifting”

    1. Es gibt kein Normalität mehr Avatar
      Es gibt kein Normalität mehr

      As reported by the Israeli press; PM used his power for his own ends, prosecutor tells court in corruption trial
      Netanyahu departs after opening statement from Liat Ben-Ari, who says bribery, fraud and breach of trust charges in three cases are based on concrete proof as evidentiary stage of proceedings gets underway in Jerusalem …..

      1. Looooool Killers Huilo Putin, Asad, North Korean Iran and Venezuela uzurpers are not corrupted
        Bibi and Israel most easy to blame for sure. Lol
        “Friendly”-fascist GEZ or Rundfunkbeitrag is in Israel, not in Germany. Loooooooool
        Liberal Fundamentalist Baby, have you mirror in your home to look at?

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