Jarrah: Aoun acting as a dictator in cabinet formation


Former Minister Jamal Jarrah said President Michel Aoun, does not want a process of consultation between him and PM designate Saad Hariri.

Al-Jarrah warned in an interview with “Spot Shot” Aoun’s action is a clear attempt to elimination the role of PM designate in the process of forming the government, and this matter must not be accepted by anyone, because this is a clear and brazen violation of the constitution . Aoun in this case is not acting as an elected President of the republic , he is acting as is a dictator”

He pointed out that ” Aoun was sincere when he announced that we were going to Hell, and he committed himself to his words, and he is determined to take the Lebanese to that place.”

He added “If there is an effort to delegitimize the mandate of the Prime Minister through the Parliament, then we must equality delegitimize the legitimacy of the President of the Republic, because both position are voted for by the parliament . “

Jarrah stressed that it has become become very clear that all Aoun wanted to do during his reign is to make sure that his son-in-law Gebran Bassil replaces him as the President of the Republic, and here is the great disaster.

Commenting about Hezbollah’s role in all of this Al-Jarrah said the obstruction of cabinet formation by Aoun coincides with interest of the Iranian backed militant group which is dictated by the Iranian agenda that is linking the Lebanese situation with its upcoming negotiations with the Americans negotiations except through negotiations with the Americans.”




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  1. Mr Jarrah
    Aoun always acted as dictator . This time around he is also being dictated by Hezbollah and his-son -in-law
    Time to get rid of the Iranian occupation of Lebanon . After all Iran considers Hezbollah as ” Iran in Lebanon”

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