Hariri rejects Aoun’s proposal for Cabinet lineup, calls it unconstitutional

File photo : PM designate Saad Hariri in front of the Baabda palace

PM-designate Saad Hariri met Lebanese president Michel Aoun at the Baabda Palace

The meeting was very short , ended in nearly 20 minutes

Aoun reportedly presented to Hariri a cabinet lineup containing a blocking one-third-plus- in the cabinet for his political group.

The meeting was ended because Aoun insisted on getting a blocking one-third-plus- in the cabinet for his political group which Hariri called unconstitutional .

Lebanon remains without a government .

Hariri said he will disclose publicly the cabinet lineup he presented to Aoun over 100 days ago

The exchange rate for the Lebanese pound crashed against the US dollar on the black market as soon as Hariri announced that n o deal could be reached with Aoun over the cabinet

There was a high expectation that Hariri and Aoun will be able to form a cabinet today . For this reason the exchange rate for the Lebanese Lira improved the last few days .

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Europe must take action as Lebanon collapses , adding that he would press EU foreign ministers meeting on Monday to discuss solutions to the economic and political crisis in Beirut.

Paris has spearheaded international efforts to rescue the former French protectorate from its deepest crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war, but after seven months has failed so far to persuade squabbling politicians to adopt a reform roadmap or form a new government to unlock international aid.

Hariri’s cabinet line up

As promised Hariri distributed to the media the line up he presented to Aoun over 100 days ago

Finance : Youssef Khalil

Health: Dr Firas Al Abyad

Social Affairs and Environment: Nasser Yassin

Justice : Lubna Maskaoui

Labor : Maya Canaan

Public works and transport: Ibrahim Shahrour

Administrative Development and Tourism: Murtada Jihad

External affairs and agriculture : Rabie Narsh

Defense: Antoine Klimos

Culture: Fadia Kiwan

Education: Abdou Gerges

Youth, Sports and Media: Walid Nassar

Economy: Saadeh Al-Shami

Energy and water: Joe Sadi

Interior and Municipalities: Ziyad Abu Haidar

Communications: Fadi Samaha

Industry and Displacement: Karpet Solikhanian



One response to “Hariri rejects Aoun’s proposal for Cabinet lineup, calls it unconstitutional”

  1. In Beirut, political consultations between Lebanese President Michel Aoun and his appointed Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, who have been unable to create a government for several months, have ended in vain.

    Earlier, the head of state stated that if al-Hariri is unable to create a cabinet, he must resign. However, the prime minister is in no hurry with this. He advocates the creation of a technocratic government, while Hezbollah and its supporters argue that only a coalition of political forces will be able to push reforms.

    News from the presidential palace brought tens of thousands of Lebanese to the streets across the country. The demonstrators are calling for the removal of the entire old political elite from power, blaming it for the economic and financial collapse of Lebanon.

    “This is not a hunger riot, but people really have nothing to eat. We are on the verge of an explosion,” says one of the demonstrators.

    Over the past year and a half, the Lebanese pound has lost 90% of its value. At the official exchange rate, the dollar is worth 1509 pounds, but on the black market it is already 15,000 pounds. Most experts point out that Lebanon’s transformation into a failed state is inevitable

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