Lebanon finally recognizes that it is a colony of Iran

jumblatt worried

Progressive Socialist Party ( PSP) leader Walid Jumblatt admitted that Lebanon is under “Iranian control ”, and that the formation of a government is delayed because the Free Patriotic Movement and the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group did not receive the green light yet, PSP’s al-Anbaa electronic magazine reported..

In an online dialogue he held Sunday evening with Lebanese expats, Jumblatt said: “The French initiative towards Lebanon cabinet formation has been thwarted because Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement, did not receive the green light to form a government.”

“To Hariri I tell him, these forces dominate everything,” in Lebanon he said, adding that the country is under the effect of an “Iranian colonization .”

Commenting on the investigation into the devastating Beirut port explosion, the Jumblatt said only a “fair judiciary,” can reap results. 

Adding: “I am the only one requesting the continuation of the probe. No one wants the probe to continue, because it will eventually expose the Syrian regime,” he said.

A cartoon showing Lebanon transformation from Switzerland of the East to a colony of Iran. Many Lebanese now feel that Lebanon is an Iranian colony . For Iran Hezbollah in Lebanon is Iran in Lebanon and Iran reportedly considers its border starts in Hezbollah’s stronghold of south Lebanon.

Analysts have been saying for years that Iran took over the control of Lebanon from Syria back 2006 .

Syria withdrew its forces from Lebanon in 2005 after nearly 30 years of military occupation. Just like during the Syrian occupation no government could be formed or a president elected in Lebanon ever since Iran took over in July 2006 following the Hezbollah- Israeli war in which over 1200 Lebanese , mostly civilians were killed and over one million southern Lebanese were displaced .