US ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea

U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea confirmed Friday that her country has not ceased its support for Lebanon but at the same time will maintain pressure on Hezbollah

“We have not done yet as the Gulf states did in moving away from Lebanon and not supporting it,” MTV quoted Shea as saying.

Commenting on Free Patriotic Movement chief Gebran Bassil, Shea reportedly said: “Through his relationship with Hezbollah, he covers the party’s weapons while Hezbollah covers his corruption.”

File photo: Free Patriotic Movement chief Gebran Bassil (R) , with Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah at an undisclosed location . Bassil aspires to replace his father- in -law Michel Aoun as the president when his term expires in 2022 and is reportedly lobbying for Hezbollah support as Aoun did before him .

“We did not support the last government because it was formed by Hezbollah, but we stood by the Lebanese people and we will see what the next government will look like to determine our position,” Shea added, according to MTV.

“We will insist on our positions, and if we do not do that, they will return to corruption; no one will help them at all unless we see progress step by step, and there will be nothing free from now on,” she went on to say.

As for the coronavirus crisis in Lebanon and the pro-Hezbollah caretaker health minister, Shea said: “Our condition to help Lebanon confront the coronavirus is based on dealing directly with friendly and reliable institutions, such as the AUB and the Lebanese Army.”

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