Geagea rules out any hope for Lebanon with the ruling majority


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Friday ruled out any hope for Lebanon as long as the current ruling majority continues to be in charge of the country

His remarks come in response to the obstacles being created by the so called Shiite duo of the heavily armed Iranian backed Hezbollah and its ally the Amal Movement which has been obstructing the formation of the cabinet insisting that the duo should be awarded the ministry of finance in addition to naming of their own minsters which goes against PM designate Mustafa Adib’s plan of forming a cabinet of experts able to resolve the financial crisis.

The head of the LF communication and media unit, Charles Jabbour, meanwhile told MTV

“We support the French initiative as a rescue solution and we did not name Mustafa Adib out of our prior knowledge that the other camp will put the same obstacles as in the past.”

“We are fully convinced that Lebanon can’t be rescued amid the presence of the current ruling authorities and what’s happening today confirms LF’s viewpoint,” he added.

Adib met Friday afternoon with President Michel Aoun at the Baabda Palace.

“I put the President in the picture of the consultations and we agreed to hold another meeting tomorrow at 11:00 am,” Adib announced after his 40-minute meeting.

The meeting with Aoun comes a day after Adib met representatives of Hezbollah and Amal Movement in a bid to resolve the row over Shiite seats in the cabinet.

US election

In a related development a Shiite Amal MP Qassem Hashem warned during an interview with al-Jadeed TV that the new government “should be formed by Monday or Tuesday at the latest or else Hassan Diab’s caretaker government will stay until after the U.S. elections and we would be plunged into the unknown.”

He added: “Adib acknowledged that the finance portfolio will go to the Shiite duo but said that he had not yet reached a vision for the government ,”

Another Diab type cabinet ?

Many analysts are of the opinion that Adib should quit if he can’t form the government of experts he envisions that will be able to rescue Lebanon from its current financial crisis. The analysts are of the opinion that Adib’s cabinet will be another version of Diab’s failed cabinet if he will allow the ruling majority to name their minsters