The death toll from Tuesday’s catastrophic explosion at the port of Beirut has risen to 158, the Lebanese health ministry media office said on Saturday. 

The number of people injured exceeds 6,000 and 21 are still reported missing, it said.

Riot police fire tear gas at protesters in Beirut who were demanding an International investigation of the explosions that rocked the capital  , Some protesters carried banners demanding the end of Iran’s occupation of Lebanon , a possible reference to the Hezbollah’s domination of the country

Judgement day

Protesters began arriving at Martyrs’ Square to participate in “Judgment Day”, to punish those responsible for the explosion of hanger No. 12 in the port of Beirut.

Effigies of leading politicians were attached to mock gallows which have become a key symbol of the demonstrations in Martyr Square in downtown Beirut . The gallows were erected in the same place where several people were hanged more than 100 years ago by the then ruling Ottoman Empire for revolting against Istanbul. The Martyr’s Square statue commemorates those executions.

The organizers set mock gallows as a punishment for the politicians that brought the country to where it is today , they say.

President Aoun’s effigy was the first to be symbolically hanged followed by the effigy of his son- in- law Gebran Bassil according to witnesses

Protesters are calling for the downfall of the country’s political elites. 
They threw stones at riot police near the parliament in Nejmeh Square.

“I lived the civil war. I was displaced, lived harsh days and we already lost houses in the war. We thought that was it,” said Hayat Gharazeddine, 51.

“These days however are worse than war. You have no idea how you might die now, which is the most scariest thing.””I wish I could hang them myself,” she added.


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