Ex -president Suleiman slams Hezbollah during Baabda meeting

Former president Michel Suleiman

Former Lebanese President Michel Suleiman blasted Hezbollah and the so called ‘Resistance’ during the “national unity meeting” in Baabda, which prompted a response from Hezbollah parliamentary bloc leader MP Mohammed Raad, and Hezbollah ally Deputy Parliament Speaker Elie Ferzli, media reported on Thursday.

“Hezbollah has broken the agreements, which prevented the implementation of the state’s pledges, caused its deadly isolation, made it lose its credibility and the confidence of friendly countries and Lebanese living abroad, made it lose investors, depositors and tourists, which have all contributed to the decline of the national currency,” Suleiman declared

Raad and Ferzli defended the so called ‘ Resistance’ and its arms .

National dialogue meeting at Baabda palace , many empty seats and not much dialogue according to media reports

Raad also criticized the Baabda Declaration which sought to maintain Lebanon’s neutrality regarding regional conflicts.

The Baabda Declaration was issued in June 2012 following a national dialogue session and it calls for neutralizing Lebanon from the policies of regional axes except for issues related to Arab consensus and the Palestinian cause.