PM Diab accused of plotting against Lebanon’s Sunnis


Former Interior minister MP Nouhad al-Mashnouq criticized PM Hassan Diab’s latest statement, pointing to “conspiracies” against Lebanon’s “Sunni community and Sunni politicians.”

Former Interior minister MP Nouhad al-Mashnouq

“There is a conspiracy against Sunni politics and the Sunni community and we hope that Diab is not part of it,” said Mashnouq in remarks he made from Dar el-Fatwa.

Mashnouq said Diab’s latest criticism and accusation of the Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh were “unacceptable,” and that the support he enjoys from the ruling authority of President Michel Aoun is “evident.”

“It is unacceptable that a general employee gets condemned by the head of the government , said Mashnouq. 

The MP added hitting out at the PM saying “It is normal that he hits a wall because he is like someone driving a car while looking behind him.”

PM Diab is also a Sunni , but was not picked by his Sunni community , he was picked by the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group to form a one sided cabinet that is only supported by Hezbollah and its allies

Similarly former PM Saad Hariri the most prominent Sunni in Lebanon yesterday blasted PM Diab over his comments about Salameh

“Bravo, Hassan Diab. You did a good job. Here you are fulfilling their dreams in destroying the free economic system. They are clapping for you at the (presidential) palace, ” a possible reference to president Aoun and his allies 

“How can you ignore the party responsible for half of the public debt through subsidizing electricity and seven years of paralyzing state institutions? How can you not ask about the policies that harmed Lebanon’s Arab and international ties? How can you disregard the responsibilities that should be borne by those practicing a new tutelage over the premiership? Is the central bank governor to blame for all of this?” Hariri asked, addressing Diab.

Hariri is shifting the responsibility for the collapse of the Lebanese economy to Hezbollah and its main ally president Michel Aoun and his FPM party.

Hariri is referring to the roughly $2 billion a year in electricity subsidy because Hezbollah and supporters reportedly refuse to pay for electricity and Hezbollah continues to oppose the privatization of the electric company to allow it to stand on its own . 

Lebanon over the years has been dependent financially on the Arab Gulf countries, specially Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE . 

These countries have made a habit of depositing funds in the Central bank whenever Lebanon needed help . The citizens of these countries were also the main tourists that used to come to Lebanon every summer spending billions of dollars .

But Hezbollah’s anti Arab behavior , its support for Syria”s dictator and the Yemeni Houthi rebels and its support for Iran’s policies in the Middle East ended this special relation Lebanon had with the Arab Gulf states .

No more deposits in the Central bank 

No more tourists from the Gulf 

Many Lebanese in the Gulf lost their jobs and their remittances dropped substantially and since January came to a complete halt after Hezbollah took over the country by forming a one color government with its allies .

Many in the Middle East consider Lebanon an Iranian colony specially since Hezbollah chief declared his allegiance to the Iranian supreme leader in September last year