Jumblatt accuses Lebanese PM of preparing a ‘coup’

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt says he is running out of patience with Hezbollah for supporting the controversial information minister George Kordahi in his refusal to resign over his insulting comment against Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf countries stressing that firing Kordahi is the only solution to the crisis with the Gulf . Millions of people in Lebanon depend on remittances of the 500, 000 Lebanese diaspora in the Gulf

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt launched on Friday a fierce attack on Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, accusing him of setting the stage for a political and financial coup.

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt, published a tweet via his Twitter account, in which he directed Prime Minister Hassan Diab, saying: “Mr. Diab, the robbery of people’s money is the idea of ​​security, the Rustem group in the Serail and the advisor to the president of the country who demanded the restoration of The stolen, gifted, and possibly inherited money is because you are preparing a financial-political coup to seize the country in the manner of “Baath”, and the memorandum brought against Marwan Hamadeh is only to remind us of the terror of guardianship.

MP Wael Abu Faour, who is a PSP official, has revealed that Diab has been threatening Jumblatt.
On Thursday, Diab said in a televised address that around two percent of the country’s depositors would be affected by an economic rescue plan. 

In a tweet on Friday, Jumblatt said: “Mr. Diab, seizing the people’s money is the idea of security personnel …. because you are preparing for a financial and political coup to take over the country.”

On Friday, Abu Faour also commented on Diab’s televised address, deeming it “gloomy”, saying claims of government neutrality, with the exception of some cabinet ministers, were all lies.

For his part, Democratic Gathering Parliamentary Bloc MP Faysal al-Sayegh wrote on Twitter that President Michel Aoun and his allies should be busy solving the country’s economic crisis instead of holding other parties responsible for the collapse.

PSP secretary-general Zafer Nasser told Asharq Al-Awsat that Jumblatt is in contact with head of al-Mustaqbal Movement Saad Hariri, who agrees with Speaker Nabih Berri on opposing any haircuts.

Nasser said Jumblatt’s campaign against Diab came after the government failed to save the country from an economic collapse and because the PM became a tool in the hands of some political parties and movements instead of acting as a technocrat.

“Where is the reform plan that the international community is asking for? What happened to the administrative appointments last week?” Nasser asked.

“Let them know that no political party can abolish another,” he said.

Asharq Al Awsat