Hezbollah MP accuses US of interfering in Central Bank of Lebanon appointments

riad salameh
Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh Monday told local TV channel LBC the pound was not in danger, Lebanon’s monetary situation was stable and markets were normal.

A member of the the Iranian backed Hezbollah Parliamentary bloc, Hassan Fadlallah, has slammed the American interference in the appointment of a governor for the Central Bank of Lebanon.

Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh will be replaced . Hezbollah is accusing the US of interference in the appointment of g=his replacement

Fadlallah claimed that the US ambassador in Beirut has visited a number of officials and notified them of Washington’s candidate to replace the current governor and requested his appointment as part of its share in the country’s financial and monetary management.

“This is an open attack on Lebanon’s sovereignty and independent decision,” he said, adding that the US insistence to impose state officials on the Lebanese people, constitutes a blatant violation of the national decision and a crude intervention in Lebanon’s sovereign affairs.

He called on the Lebanese government to address such breaches of national sovereignty and demanded a clear and transparent mechanism be adopted for new appointments based on qualifications and away from political calculations and American pressure.

Hezbollah is listed as a terrorist organization in the US and 2 Lebanese banks were forced to liquidate in the past few years because of their links to Hezbollah

Fadlallah’s attack comes a day after prominent Hezbollah commander, Muhammad Ali Younes, was killed by unknown gunmen on Sunday morning in southern Lebanon.

Ali Mohammed Younes a Hezbollah commander who was involved in anti-espionage missions was reportedly killed by unknown gunmen in southern Lebanon

The Iranian semi-official Fars news agency reported that the slain commander was “responsible for tracking spies and collaborators”.

Some Lebanese media outlets close to the Hezbollah group claimed that Younes was pursuing a suspect when he was ambushed by three cars in the Zoutar area, while others claimed that that Israeli intelligence agency Mossad is behind the assassination. Hezbollah has not commented so far