Hezbollah’s Nasrallah mocked over calls to boycott US goods


Lebanese people have flocked to social media to mock Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, after he called for a boycott of US goods and products in a speech on Sunday.

Calling the boycott “part of the battle” against US President Donald Trump’s Middle East plan, Nasrallah added, “if we do not want to boycott all goods, we choose some companies, and this is a form of confrontation”.

Pro-Hezbollah social media accounts later published lists of US products under the title “economic boycott is alertness and jihad”.

One Twitter user Dalia Tarabay a Lebanese activist, shared a picture of Nasrallah’s son, Jawad, sporting a branded American jumper, with the caption “I’m not taking off my Timberland USA hoodie, dad”.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Jawad responded saying “all those who wrote against me – I don’t attack back. I don’t buy American products, even my iPhone I plan to sell”.

Jawad Nasrallah’s Twitter profile has since been suspended.

Tarabay added: “I wonder what Jawad will do with his American degree obtained from [the American University of Beirut].”

Twitter user Cynthia Karam wrote: “If I see any Hezbollah member carrying an iPhone, I will complain about him to Nasrallah”.

Hassan Jaroudi, a Lebanese Swiss healthcare professional, suggested Nasrallah should call for a boycott on American social media companies, and instead use Chinese alternatives.

While, Beiruti blogger, Gino Raidy, tweeted a picture of Iranian chocolate brand Minoo, reminiscent of Kitkat bars, with the caption “Iranian chocolate or nothing”.

The tweet garnered several responses, including pictures of regional chocolate and coffee alternatives for Lebanese people seeking to boycott American goods.

In a more serious response, Iraqi-Lebanese writer Hussain Abdul-Hussain called the comments “dangerously delusional”, adding that Nasrallah “doesn’t understand that an economy in free fall, like Lebanon, cannot exert boycott/economic pressure on anyone, let alone America”.

Nasrallah has recently faced criticism after a statue of Qassem Soleimani, who was assassinated by US forces on 2 January, which was unveiled at the Israel-Lebanon border, allegedly turned out to be made of cardboard.




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