Patriarch Rai blasts gov formation obstructors as ‘Lebanon enemies’


Maronite Patriarch Beshara Boutros al-Rai , the highest Christian authority in Lebanon blasted on Friday the obstructors of the government formation as “Lebanon’s enemies.”

“The government was not formed this week because, as everyone knows, the obstructors have returned to their old habits over splitting shares, which means a return to the same old situation,” al-Rai said.

“Their behavior forces our young men and women to remain on the streets and in the squares despite their sacrifices and suffering,” the patriarch added.

“Tonight I want to announce that anyone obstructing the formation of the anticipated government is more and more plunging Lebanon into its financial and economic crisis… With this behavior, they are antagonizing the Lebanese people, who are emigrating, and they are antagonizing Lebanon and its institutions,” al-Rai said.

“I call them Lebanon’s enemies,” he stressed .

Al-Rai also accused the obstructors of being behind the thugs that are carrying out acts of rioting and vandalizing a number of public institutions and banks, and attack public and private property.”

“These people do not want the state of Lebanon nor the welfare of its people,” the patriarch added in a possible reference to Hezbollah and its allies

Hezbollah has reportedly intervened to resolve the obstacles facing the formation of a new government, by PM designate Hassan Diab. Diab has pledged to form a small Cabinet made up of “independent experts” who are not affiliated with any political parties as demanded by the hundreds of thousands of protesters who have taken to the streets since Oct. 17, calling for a change of the sectarian ruling system, fighting corruption, and the removal of the entire political class they deem corrupt and incompetent. But the leaked lineup shows a one color cabinet of Hezbollah and its allies . The allies of the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group are the Amal Movement , headed by Speaker Nabih Berri , Free Patriotic Movement headed by FM Gebran Bassil, President Michel Aoun and pro Syrian party SSNP . According to observers the protesters will reject any such cabinet.

Hezbollah is considered by the US and several other countries as a terrorist organization . The UK recently also classified all of Hezbollah ( the military and political wings ) as a terrorist group