Ghosn rules out any role in the cabinet


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt suggested on Thursday that the former Chairman of Nissan-Renault Carlos Ghosn be named as Lebanon’s energy minister.

“ I suggest his appointment as energy minister to replace the controlling gang that caused this massive deficit and rejects reform,” Jumblatt wrote in a tweet.

“Carlos Ghosn has built an empire, perhaps we can benefit from his experience,” added Jumblatt.

Ghosn, who is Lebanese and also holds French and Brazilian passports said he fled to avoid “political persecution” by a “rigged Japanese justice system, ” told al-Jadeed: I’m honored that Jumblatt has proposed that I be given a ministerial portfolio but this issue is out of the question.”

During a press conference on Wednesday he also ruled out any role in the government , but offered to help if asked.



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