Lebanon’s youth united in push for sweeping change. Video

Demonstrators woke up on Nov 22, 2019 to an anonymous burning of the giant fist in downtown Beirut, the “symbol of revolution” since the popular movement began on October 17, but this did not deter them from organizing various rallies and activities in Beirut, Sidon, Tripoli and several cities. The marches moved on the beat of national songs and the demonstrators raised the flags of Lebanon, chanting for independence from the parties of the political class, which the protesters blame for the economic deterioration and the political crisis.

As Lebanon celebrates its Independence Day this Friday amid a mass protest movement, our reporters went to meet those who are angry at the system. From the capital Beirut to the northern city of Tripoli, tens of thousands of Lebanese have been protesting every day since mid-October against the political elite, deemed incompetent and corrupt. For the first time, Lebanon’s youth appears united, breaking down traditional geographical, social and religious barriers, and with the same dream of a better future.

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