Israeli president warns Lebanon to rein in Hezbollah or face a war neither side wants


RivlinIsraeli President Reuven Rivlin on Thursday warned  the Lebanese government that if it doesn’t stop Hezbollah’s aggression against Israel, the militant  group will drag both countries into war.

“Lebanon bears sovereign responsibility for all Hezbollah action,” Rivlin told the incoming French ambassador to Israel, Eric Danon, during a ceremony upon receiving diplomatic credentials from several new ambassadors, his office said in a statement.

“We say clearly to the Lebanese government and its allies around the world: Hezbollah’s aggression must be stopped before we find ourselves dragged into a conflict that neither Lebanon nor Israel want,” Rivlin said.

France maintains strong ties with Lebanon

Tensions with Hezbollah and its patron Iran have soared in recent weeks.

Rivlin told  the french envoy  that “in recent weeks we have seen evidence of growing Iranian activity in Syria and Lebanon.”

“Israel will not tolerate threats to the safety of its citizens,” Rivlin said. “With the Iranians, Hezbollah is building factories to produce missiles to fire on Israel and that is something that Israel cannot tolerate. The government of Lebanon cannot make excuses that it is not its responsibility. Hezbollah is part of Lebanon, part of the government of Lebanon, part of the people of Lebanon”, Rivlin warned