Mashnouq: Nasrallah has no right to link Lebanon’s fate to the fate of Iran


MASHNOUKFormer Lebanese minister of Interior MP Nouhad al-Mashnouq commented on the speech by Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah by saying :

We demand that Mr  Nasrallah’s defense strategy should be to protect Lebanon alone, and the Lebanese people  in the face of the Israeli enemy, and  not to link  our destiny to the wars and crises of the region”
He pointed out that his speech demands  clear responses by the president and  the Prime Minister  of Lebanon.
He asked :”How long will the state should allow  for   Lebanon  to be dragged into  wars and how long  can we   mock   ourselves and the international community by claiming  that the Resolution 1701  is ok?”
He added:” Nasrallah can declare his political support to this or that state, but not entitled to   link Lebanon’s fate to the fate of Iran as he did in his speech .”
” Mr. Nasrallah should understand  that Lebanon is not an arena for Iranian politics or anyone else. Lebanon is the home for all its citizens .  We all fought  for its independence and sovereignty and our  most honourable people, chief among them the martyred PM  Rafik Hariri paid with their lives for this country’s freedom .””

Mashouq’s comments come after  Nasrallah said on the eve of Ashura that “we are in the middle of a big battle and our camp is being besieged by the US and Israel”.

“This is our camp, and this is our Imam, our leader, and Hussein of this era. In this battle there is no place for neutrality. You are either with Hussein or you are with Yazid. The battle is renewed and so is the confrontation,” he added.

Nasrallah on the eve of Ashura pledged allegiance to Khamenei whom he addressed as the son of Hussein and to “tell Netanyahu, the Zionists, and all the conspirators against us: We are a people who neither a siege, nor starving, thirst, fear or war can influence our will, determination, certainty and faith.”

“If our Husseini leader came out to tell us that you are free to leave, our response will be: By Allah, O master and leader, if we are to be killed, all of us… we shall never leave you o son of Hussein,” Nasrallah added
“Here from Lebanon we say to the whole world that our imam our Lord our leader is the Grand Ayatollah Ali Husseini Khamenei of the Islamic Republic in Iran.”  The Hezbollah chief concluded.

Yazīd ibn Muawiya , commonly known as Yazid I, was the second caliph of the Umayyad caliphate. He ruled for three years from 680 until his death in 683. His appointment was the first hereditary succession in Islamic history. His caliphate was marked by the death of Muhammad‘s grandson Hussein  ibn Ali as well as the start of the crisis known as the Second Fitna.

Hussein was killed  by  Yazid’s forces in the Battle of Karbala, on his way to Kufa to lead a revolt against Yazid.

Ashura marks the the death of Hussein the Battle of Karbala on 10 Muharram in the year 61 AH ( October 10, 680 AD). Mourning for the incident began almost immediately after the battle.

Many political analysts questioned the complete silence by the top Lebanese officials about Nasrallah’s speech .

One analyst asked : “Does this mean our dissociation policy is now in the garbage can? Another asked :” Does this mean that  our top leaders are giving up and letting Nasrallah run the country into the ground ?”



3 responses to “Mashnouq: Nasrallah has no right to link Lebanon’s fate to the fate of Iran”

  1. Mr Mashnouq you are absolutely right . If Hezbollah is truly Lebanese, it should pledge allegiance to Lebanon only. Anyone that wants to pledge loyalty to Iran should be allowed to leave Lebanon instantly . Both PM Hariri and president Aoun should make this clear to Mr Nasrallah.

    1. “Anyone that wants to pledge loyalty to Iran should be allowed to leave
      Lebanon instantly . Both PM Hariri and president Aoun should make this
      clear to Mr Nasrallah.”

      You seriously expect Rafik “I’m scared of my own shadow” Hariri and His Highness “I sold my soul to the Devil, and I’d do it again at the first opportunity, but now I’m just too senile” Aoun to actually say this in Nasrallah’s triple-chinned face?

      1. If they don’t have the will and the guts to defend their country then they should join Nasrallah on the first convoy to Tehran. We only want Lebanese that care for Lebanon here

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