Nasrallah pledges allegiance to Khamenei: ‘We shall never leave you o son of Hussein’


khamenei nasrallahHezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said on the eve of Ashura that “we are in the middle of a big battle and our camp is being besieged by the US and Israel”.

“This is our camp, and this is our Imam, our leader, and Hussein of this era. In this battle there is no place for neutrality. You are either with Hussein or you are with Yazid. The battle is renewed and so is the confrontation,” he added.

Nasrallah on the eve of Ashura pledged allegiance to Khamenei whom he addressed as the son of Hussein and to “tell Netanyahu, the Zionists, and all the conspirators against us: We are a people who neither a siege, nor starving, thirst, fear or war can influence our will, determination, certainty and faith.”

“If our Husseini leader came out to tell us that you are free to leave, our response will be: By Allah, O master and leader, if we are to be killed, all of us… we shall never leave you o son of Hussein,” Hezbollah concluded.
“Here from Lebanon we say to the whole world that our imam our Lord our leader is the Grand Ayatollah Ali Husseini Khamenei of the Islamic Republic in Iran.”
“We reject any war on the Islamic Republic in Iran, because this war will shape the region and the peoples and countries and because it will be a war on all the axis of resistance and aim to drop another hopes to restore Palestine sanctuaries”.

Lebanese Forces” leader Samir Geagea tweeted about   Nasrallah’s  pledge of  allegiance to Khamenei  by , saying: “by His Excellency the president of the Republic, with all due respect.

Aoun is a close ally of Hezbollah