Hezbollah MP Nawaf Musawi quits Lebanon parliament after shooting incident


nawaf mousawiHezbollah MP Nawaf Musawi  resigned from the Lebanese Parliament on Thursday, days after he denied  shooting  his son-in-law at a police station.

According to local media reports Hezbollah asked him to resign

Musawi’s resignation comes months after Hezbollah temporarily suspended his participation in Parliament due to comments he made about President-elect Bachir Gemayel, who was assassinated in 1982.

It also comes days after a leaked police report said a Lebanese lawmaker from the Hezbollah group and a dozen gunmen attempted to storm a police station in  Damour south of Beirut following a family dispute involving a high-speed car chase.

Nawaf Musawi’s daughter and her ex-husband were inside the police station Sunday south of Beirut, following the previous night’s car chase and verbal abuse from the ex-husband, all of which she filmed with her phone.

After Musawi’s group was denied entry to the station, the report said a gunshot was fired, hitting the ex-son-in-law in his wrist. Musawi denied firing.

He explained that his son-in-law attacked his daughter Ghadir and “started cursing her out.”

“No one hit him with a screwdriver and no one opened fire… I came and took my daughter from the area outside the station,” Musawi added.

TV networks meanwhile published a cable sent out by Damour Police Station chief Colonel Joseph Ghannoum.

The cable says Musawi arrived at the station with 20 men carrying visible guns around their waists but were prevented from entering the station.

According to the cable, “an altercation erupted between Musawi’s daughter and her ex husband on the Damour-Sidon international highway over children visitation rights  .”

“They were taken by a patrol to the Damour police station, where Musawi’s daughter sought to file a report against her divorcee,” the cable adds.

“As the investigation got underway, four people arrived at the station and attacked the divorcee of Musawi’s daughter with a screwdriver, injuring him in the leg, which prompted the station’s guards to arrest two of them as two others managed to escape,” the cable says.

“After closing the main door, MP Musawi accompanied by 20 armed men arrived at the station, where they were denied entry by the station’s guards, who tried to calm him down seeing as he was very nervous,” the cable adds.

“As the wounded person was being offered first aid, unknown individuals opened fire from outside the station at the office of the station’s chief, wounding his ex son-in- law in the wrist and causing him severe bleeding, after which Musawi left to an unknown destination,” the leaked cable says.

Many observers criticized Hezbollah for allowing its top officials to bully Lebanese citizens using its  so called ‘resistance arms ‘



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  1. What a bully !!! He should have been fired from the Parliament after his comment about Gemayel

  2. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

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    1. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

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      1. tautology

  3. MaryTPresumptuous Avatar

    “Hezbollah Runs Lebanon”. Not my words, but here …


    So all of Hind Abyad’s energy towards Israel is more effective at supporting Hezbollah’s Iranian-backed rule than it is at patriotically backing the 3-way power sharing agreement which is supposed to be making a better Lebanon.

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