US Court Sues Lebanese Citizen for Laundering Drug Money to Hezbollah

Nader Mohammed Farhat
Nader Mohammed Farhat

Paraguayan authorities handed over their citizen of Lebanese origin, Nader Mohammed Farhat, to the US security authorities in Miami, Florida, where he faces criminal charges of money laundering.

His case is expected to reveal a lot of information about money laundering and the complexities of trade on the border triangle between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, including the involvement of the Lebanese Hezbollah party.

A federal court in Miami will decide whether Farhat’s trial will take place there or in New York, where he faces similar charges.

Farhat is an alleged co-conspirator in a case involving another Paraguayan national of Lebanese origin, Mahmoud Ali Barakat, and three other defendants who are accused of assisting in the laundering of drug monies from inside the US.

According to Court documents, Farhat is a “known money launderer for narcotics organizations and other illicit organizations,” while media reports allege a possible connection to Hezbollah.

A Documentary Discloses Hezbollah’s Drug Trade, Money Laundering Links
A Documentary by Al Arabiya Discloses Hezbollah’s Drug Trade, Money Laundering Links

According to a Department of Justice press release announcing the indictment of his co-conspirators, Farhat participated in “an international money laundering scheme relying on the complexities of global trade, and the use of businesses here in New York and in Florida, to launder millions of dollars for transnational drug traffickers and other bad actors.”

The case revealed how drug gangs in Latin America and other organized crime groups continued to exploit complex trade-based schemes to launder their illicit gains.

Moreover, many of the companies involved are in the United States, exposing the US financial system to considerable reputational risk.

The case also highlighted the important role played by the three Latin American countries in this type of financial crime.


  • Hind Abyad

    ASHARQ AL AWSAT; talk but says nothing
    Owner(s)‎: ‎Saudi Research and Marketing Group
    Headquarters‎: ‎London

  • Niemals

    “US Court Sues Lebanese Citizen for Laundering Drug Money to Hezbollah”
    Article text;
    “Paraguayan authorities handed over their citizen of Lebanese origin, Nader Mohammed Farhat, to the US security authorities in Miami, Florida, where he faces criminal charges of money laundering.”

    Can’t ASHARQ AL AWSAT decide if this Nader Mohammed Farhat is Lebanese Citizen or Paraguayan Citizen? 🤔

    However Al Arabiya (in a documentary) discloses Hezbollah’s Drug Trade, Money Laundering Links.

    They should point out that the same thing happened in Germany – with the help of the Lebanese criminal clans.
    See my previous comments about the large Lebanese Arab families that rule the crime scene in Berlin will be repatriated to their homeland Lebanon.

  • Rascal

    Iran/Hezbollah create an amazing array of criminal activities, and yet claim to be religious?
    Religion for Satan perhaps. Drugs, prostitution, theft, terrorism, weapons smuggling, all godly activities from the self proclaimed Party of God.

    • Hind Abyad

      Give sources please. Maniac

      • Rascal

        Do your own homework, there are plenty of references to Iran/Hezbollah crimes on the net. Criminal activities from these terrorist is nothing new if you can get over yourself and your cover up job for Iran. Otherwise you will simply be in denial, just like Iran does constantly denying everything. Just like the terrorist IRGC video of them fvcking with the oil ship, even with video proof, Iran still deny it. They are are pathetic. Shouldn’t you be ranting about how many Hezbollah/IRGC Israel just blew up in Syria. I will call it another divine victory against Iranian weapon stocks and bases. Allah Snackbar.

        • Hind Abyad

          I have no home work to do, you do illiterate maniac.
          Iran Iran Iran you cannot talk rationaly.

          Netanyahoo propagandist.

          Some facts

          “In 2017, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) created a special unit — the Iran Mission Center — to focus attention on the U.S. plans against Iran. The initiative for this unit came from CIA director John Brennan, who left his post as the Trump administration came into office. Brennan believed that the CIA needed to focus attention on what the United States sees as problem areas — North Korea and Iran, for instance.
          This predated the Trump administration.

          D’Andrea’s twin outside the White House is Thomas Kaplan, the billionaire who set up two groups that are blindingly for regime changein Iran. The two groups are United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) and Counter Extremism Project.

          There is nothing subtle here. These groups —and Kaplan himself — promote an agenda of great disparagement of Muslims in general and of Iran in particular.

          Kaplan blamed Iran for the creation of ISIS, for it was Iran — Kaplan said — that “used a terrible Sunni movement” to expand its reach from “Persia to the Mediterranean.” Such absurdity followed from a fundamental misreading of Shia concepts such as taqiya, which means prudence and not — as Kaplan and others argue — deceit.

          Kaplan, bizarrely, shares more with ISIS than Iran does with that group — since both Kaplan and ISIS are driven by their hatred of those who follow the Shia traditions of Islam.

          It is fitting that Kaplan’s anti-Iran groups bring together the CIA and money. The head of UANI is Mark Wallace, who is the chief executive of Kaplan’s Tigris Financial Group, a financial firm with investments —which it admits — would benefit from “instability in the Middle East.” (..)

          • Y K

            “I have no home work to do”

            That’s kinda easy when your only work is standing in line for that welfare check. 🙂

          • Niemals

            I don’t think that she needs the welfare checks, she’s earning money with her fulltime trolling on Twitter as well as on “southfront”, “Russia Insider”…

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            Both have litterally and actually, nothing to say.

          • Hind Abyad

            Whos talking to you Ykhara

  • Niemals

    11 days ago;
    “See my previous comments about the large Lebanese Arab clans that rule the crime scene in Berlin that will be repatriated to their homeland Lebanon.”

    Clan boss Ibrahim Miri deported!
    They sneaked to the clan chief’s bed at night and woke him from his deep sleep.
    Only hours later he was deported: a spectacular blow against organized crime in Germany!

    In a top-secret joint operation, Bremen and Berlin authorities, together with the federal authorities, arrested Ibrahim Miri, 46, the head of the powerful Miri clan, at home and deported him to his native Lebanon.