Attacker blows himself up after killing 2 policemen and a soldier in northern Lebanon


Abdul-Rahman Mabsout attackerA lone gunman using a motorcycle fired on police and army vehicles in different parts of the northern city of Tripoli, killing two police officers and a soldier and wounding several others Monday night before blowing himself up later when confronted by troops, Lebanon’s army and the state-run National News Agency said.

Troops were deployed in areas of the city to search for the attacker, who was tracked down to an apartment, the army said. It said members of an elite military intelligence force stormed the apartment early Tuesday and opened fire at the suspect, who then set off an explosive belt he was wearing.

“The operation is over,” an army officer told local LBC television. Troops and plainclothes security agents surrounded the area and prevented anyone from entering the building.

There was no claim of responsibility for the attack.

The army identified the gunman as Abdul-Rahman Mabsout, but gave no other details. LBC said Mabsout was a former member of the Islamic State group who fought with the extremist movement in Syria. It said he had been detained when he returned to Lebanon in 2016 and was released a year later.

The attack occurred on the eve of Eid el-Fitr, the feast that marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan of fasting. The Lebanese army announced earlier that it has increased security around the country because of Eid el-Fitr, when people go out to celebrate.

The military statement said the shooter first fired at a branch of the Lebanese Central Bank, then shot at police and later at an army vehicle. It said one soldier was killed and two others wounded in the shooting at the army vehicle.

The state news agency said a police officer died on the spot and another died of his wounds in a hospital later. It said another officer was wounded.

Tripoli, which is Lebanon’s second largest city, has seen in the past clashes between rival groups that support or oppose the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad. The city is also home to some extremists who fought against the Lebanese army in the past.

The Islamic State group and al-Qaida-linked militants have claimed responsibility over the past years for attacks in different parts of Lebanon that killed dozens of people. Such attacks have been rare recently.



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  1. Kris Welter Avatar
    Kris Welter

    And so the scars and upheavel of Daesh, funded and supported all these years by the Zionists, America, Britain and the corrupt Saudi regime, continue to fester and cause death and destruction in Lebanon.

    There is a story in Al Jazeera today about how the UK stole over 45 TRILLION US Dollars over the many years of colonialism, from the Indian people and country. The same evil influence persists all across the Middle East and Asia. The only way to get rid of it’s influence is to get rid of it’s source…Zionism, Colonialism, Foreign influence. That means divesting from America, Britain and France, and removing the Zionist entitiy in Palestine. Until that is accomplished, the sickening decay of Colonial insinuation into the indigenous cultures will rot them from the core, damaging or destroying them permanently, and making them all like their former masters.

    Britain and it’s satellite states, America, France, Israel, are the worst plague to have ever over-run the World. They must be stopped. The core of their identity rests in Zionism. Eradicate Zionism…eradicate the central power of those rabid blood sucking Colonial entities.

    1. MaryTPresumptuous Avatar

      How does “core of their identity rest” in Zionism when the US itself was a colony of Great Britain and Jews in 17th and 18th century America Knew nothing of Zionism?

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Ask Kinder Garten.

  2. Niemals Avatar

    There is a story in Al Jazeera about today’s clans share an ancestor – the Hamadiyeh clan. Tracing down the generations from the Hamadiyeh, there are two main branches, the Chamas and the Zaaiter. Within the Zaaitar clan, there are the Meqdads, Haj Hassan, Noon, Shreif, and the Jaafar. Within the Chamas clan, there are the Allaw, Nassereddine, and Dandash.
    Radicals linked to the Iran-backed Hizbullah movement were found to be stockpiling bomb-making ingredients in London in 2015 in a case that was kept “hidden from the public”, the Daily Telegraph reported on Monday.
    Lebanon in a nutshell ????
    Three wounded in attack on Army centers in Baalbeck. [The Daily Star]

    Two Lebanese Army centers in Baalbeck came under attack Monday night leaving three people wounded, hours after a deadly raid in the area sparked clashes, according to an Army statement.

    The Lebanese army imposed strict security measures on Friday in Baalbek’s neighborhood of Hay al-Sharawneh after an army patrol was ambushed overnight by armed men from the Jaafar family leaving one soldier dead, the National News Agency reported.
    NNA said army conscript Raouf Hassan Yazbek was shot in the chest at night on Thursday but succumbed to his wounds early today.

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