One sentence in the Mueller report is an invitation to congress to impeach Trump, video


CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin explains the significance of a line in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report that he says is an invitation for Congress to impeach President Donald Trump.



One response to “One sentence in the Mueller report is an invitation to congress to impeach Trump, video”

  1. Kris Welter Avatar
    Kris Welter

    Jeffrey Toobin is taking an OPINION, made by Mueller, adding weight to it, and trying to say it holds legitimacy as a basis for impeachment. Toobin is a PAID analyst for CNN who tells them what they want to hear, not what the truth is. The fact is that Trump, no matter how opposed you may be to him, was the target of an illegitimate and concocted 2-year investigation that found no basis for its own existence, much less anything concerning allegations of collusion. The Democrats are trying to say that the President, objecting to this farce of a process, ‘interfered’ with the process and thus committed obstruction.

    A reminder to Mr. Toobin. Under the U.S. Constitution, the PRESIDENT, not CNN or Robert Mueller, has the authority to hire, fire, redirect resources, quell, classify, or otherwise control the actions of his subordinates or their agencies. He has absolute authority in this regard. There was no obstruction, no matter how badly people wish to say there was. End of discussion. you can’t make an orange into an apple just because you don’t like citrus fruit. You get the fruit you picked. Eat it and be satisfied with it.

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