Brain chips to make people superintelligent , are closer to reality and not science fiction

EJA01C Human brain implant concept illustration
EJA01C Human brain implant concept illustration

By Lauren Victory

What if you could make money, or type something, just by thinking about it? It sounds like science fiction, but it might be close to reality.

In as little as five years, super smart people could be walking down the street; men and women who’ve paid to increase their intelligence.

Northwestern University neuroscientist and business professor Dr. Moran Cerf made that prediction, because he’s working on a smart chip for the brain.

“Make it so that it has an internet connection, and goes to Wikipedia, and when I think this particular thought, it gives me the answer,” he said.

Cerf is collaborating with Silicon Valley big wigs he’d rather not name.

Facebook also has been working on building a brain-computer interface, and SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is backing a brain-computer interface called Neuralink.

“Everyone is spending a lot of time right now trying to find ways to get things into the brain without drilling a hole in your skull,” Cerf said. “Can you eat something that will actually get to your brain? Can you eat things in parts that will assemble inside your head?”

It sounds mind-blowing. Relationships might be on the line.

“This is no longer a science problem. This is a social problem,” Cerf said.

Cerf worries about creating intelligence gaps in society; on top of existing gender, racial, and financial inequalities.

“They can make money by just thinking about the right investments, and we cannot; so they’re going to get richer, they’re going to get healthier, they’re going to live longer,” he said.

The average IQ of an intelligent monkey is about 70, the average human IQ is around 100, and a genius IQ is generally considered to begin around 140. People with a smart chip in their brain could have an IQ of around 200, so would they even want to interact with the average person?

“Are they going to say, ‘Look at this cute human, Stephen Hawking. He can do differential equations in his mind, just like a little baby with 160 IQ points. Isn’t it amazing? So cute. Now let’s put it back in a cage and give it bananas,’” Cerf said.

Time will tell. Or will our minds?

Approximately 40,000 people in the United States already have smart chips in their heads, but those brain implants are only approved for medical use for now.

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  1. I heard president Trump wants one implanted because he wants to always know what is on Nancy Pelosi’s mind . lol

  2. The chip to make people super stupid was discovered millennia ago, its called the Koran

    1. 1 out of 4 in this world is a Muslim. So you have to be careful about what to say when 1.8 billion follow a particular faith . Personally I don’t think there is any stupid religion otherwise they would have no followers. All religions are good the ones that are bad are the politicians and clerics of every faith that continue to abuse religion

      1. Arzna, islam is not “religion” but mental masturbation and humanitarian catastrophe

    2. man-o-war Avatar

      It’s a book with words. Why are you such a religious bigot?

      1. even if digital, it is mental masturbation trash. Ask Ali Sina. Why am i religious and bigot? Where You see it? But ok, if You want to know, i can describe my “religion” and “fanaticism” may be You will catch it from me

        1. man-o-war Avatar

          You wrote, “The chip to make people super stupid was discovered millennia ago, its called the Koran”, and now you’re asking me why you’re a religious bigot? Haha, too much.

          1. Not too much but maximum info. I’m far from to be obscurantist i hope. Please, man-o-war, No Religion Ideology Adepts Above Critics, don’t keep Your brain in prison

          2. man-o-war Avatar

            I seriously have no idea what you just typed. Not a clue what this has to do with me calling you a religious bigot and you acting shocked and pretending to not know what elicited my response.

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  3. master09 Avatar

    So we want to make more people heartless and humanless. Take a look at how people hate each other already.

    1. This has nothing to do with the heart , so if you love somebody you will still love them . This is about the mind and has already been applied . “Approximately 40,000 people in the United States already have smart chips in their heads”. It will be interesting to see a study how the implant affected their feelings if any . Do you want to undertake this effort ?

      1. master09 Avatar

        The brain controls the heart and everything around u, you don’t need a study to know this. Let’s do a 150 year study to see if bombs kill people. You missed the real point.

        1. Some people’s heart control their brains . This is the problem of the world. If more people use their brain we wont be where we are today

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