Ahmad Hariri, family escape injury after their car caught fire


Ahmad Hariri's car on fireFuture Movement Secretary-General Ahmad Hariri’s  car    caught fire while driving with his family  in Sidon  south Lebanon on Sunday but no injuries were reported .

In a statement the  Future Movement reported that  the fire was caused by an “electrical malfunction” in the front engine-area of the Chevrolet SUV

Sidon’s municipal fire brigade immediately responded to the incident and extinguished the fire, preventing it from engulfing the entire vehicle.

Ibrahim Mezher, mayor of Bqosta, arrived at the scene shortly after and assured people and reporters that Hariri, his wife and children were unscathed.

Ahmad is the first cousin of Lebanese PM Saad Hariri



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  1. The Hariris can’t even afford decent cars anymore? How the mighty have fallen! 🙂

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