Lebanon’s Michel Hayek predicting a war with Israel in 2018, says its wall will not protect it


Michel Hayek, Lebanon’s Nostradamus recited his predictions for 2018 during an interview with MTV on December 31, 2017.

Hayek is predicting a stable Lebanese currency and economy , but is also predicting major bombing similar   the 2005 bomb attack that killed form er PM Rafik El Hariri.

Hayek is also  predicting that there will be another war with Israel , stressing that  Israeli  newly built war  will not protect it .

Here are some of the Highlights as translated from Arabic to English by lallouslab.net website


  • There’s new hope emerging after all the despair and sadness. The people are waiting for new opportunities, weekends, holidays just to express their love for life and adventure
  • Various expats and tourists are excited to come and visit Lebanon despite the security issues and instabilities in such a contradictory country such as Lebanon
  • Various government bodies, services and institutions regulated by the government (such as the department of motor vehicle, social security services, hospitals, etc.) will be under scrutiny and will be audited and accounted for corruption, bribery and bad performance. In addition to that, the owners of electrical generators that distribute to neighborhoods are in for a big surprise (not necessarily a good one).
  • The traffic situation in Lebanon might get better due to plans to improve the public transportation system. There are plans including rail roads, ferries and other solutions to ease the traffic
  • There will be a comprehensive plan to overhaul and improve the economic situation in the country
  • The wall that Israel is thinking to build to isolate and protect itself from the Lebanese border will not be enough for its protection
    • Israel will be threatening to bomb Lebanon back to the stone age. Lebanon will
      – Lebanon will not stop at Israel’s threats to return it to the Stone Age, but it will be proactive and provocative, and will not fear the clouds of war in the skies of Lebanon.
    • Hezbollah will provoke and face Israel. To everyone’s surprise, the militia’s possession of anti-aircraft missiles will change the tides of the confrontation
  • There capital punishment law (death penalty) will undergo revisions ,  pardons to  increase .
  • The agreement to dissociate Lebanon from regional conflicts will be short lived
  • Civil marriage will become legal in Lebanon, except that Lebanon will implement its own version of it
  • Palestinian arms will resurface in   Lebanon.
  • There will be a young child that will daze the populace with his/her psychic abilities. What’s interesting enough is that more young children will become interested in metaphysical topics after the fact
  • The security forces will be tipped about a huge explosive (as big as the one that killed Rafic El Hariri):
      • One security breach will be successful and cause lots of damage
      • The second will be foiled
      • The third involves attacks on certain embassies
      • The social media will warn the populace about dangers, but this time those alerts are real and not fake news

    There will be a major uprising at the Roumieh prison unlike the previous ones.

  • Naim Qassem ( Hezbollah current number 2 )  will be the new face of Hezbollah .
  • Pope Francis will be visiting Lebanon


  • Some of Syria’s opponents will participate in rebuilding its infrastructure
  • Staffan de Mistura‘s name will be making rounds in Syria
  • The Syrian real-estate business will prosper even though the country did not recover yet from the previous war
  • The Syrian president insists on staying in power and it turns out that his decision to stay was based on a very old prophecy


  • The area of Sharm el Sheik will be in danger
  • The Coptic Christians are still in danger from the wrath of terrorists
  • With respects to sports (probably in regards to the World Cup), the Egyptians will receive various world wide achievements

Saudi Arabia

  • The crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, with lots of confidence, gets ready to ascend to kingship
    • He will be in lots of danger and his security detail will have a hard work assuring his safety
  • The Iranians and the Saudis will be confronting each other drawing the world’s attention
  • Peace and reconciliation among the other princes (after they were held for corruption charges) and the situation will be back as before (as if nothing happened)
  • The Saudi Air force is on standby towards Yemen and beyond if the need arises
  • The war with Yemen is not going to end soon
  • Qatar and Saudi Arabia: a meeting between two princes and a king


  • The Israeli airplanes will not always return safe and sound to their bases
  • A historic agreement signed by Western forces, Israeli forces and Arab forces awaiting a final signature from representatives from Iran and Hezbollah
  • This time there will be an Israeli war, not just rumors of war, in the ME region and will score lots of targets
  • A terrorist attack on one of the airports while a prominent political figure is present


  • The Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed will be a target for attacks
  • Malicious attacks targeting some of the ruling family members


  • A conflict between the vision of the Iranian rulers and the Saudi rulers
  • The uprising in Iran unfolds to more than civil unrest into assassinations and capital punishments


  • More and more weird stories emerge regarding Recep Erdoğan
  • A continuation from the previous plots to topple Erdoğan’s regime


    • The son of Bin Laden is now ready (for what?)
    • Mass shootings in schools and churches will become recurrent in the Arab world as it has been in the USA
    • A new version of ISIS (Daesh) will emerge to carry on terror attacks
    • Belly and oriental dancing will invade the Western world
    • A discovery of old documents relating to the Old Testament prophets and characters

Source: lallouslab.net
and Lebanon Files