Geagea blasts Hezbollah chief over his remarks to al-Mayadeen TV



Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea blasted Thursday Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah over the remarks made during an interview with al-Mayadeen television.

“Sayyed Nasrallah always acts as if there are no Lebanese people, a country called Lebanon or a Lebanese state,” Geagea said in a press release.

“I wish he had tasked the ministers of his party and his allies in the government to raise in Cabinet all the issues that he mentioned in his interview, so that all government components can take part in the discussions in order to shoulder their responsibilities before God, history and the people whom they represent,” Geagea added.

He stressed that “the first precondition for the success of any defensive or offensive act is national unity, whereas Sayyed Nasrallah always disregards this element and acts without an authorization from the people, in a blatant encroachment on legitimate Lebanese institutions.”

“Should there be a preemptive defense plan for Lebanon in the face of Israel and other forces, the Lebanese Army should be in charge of devising it,” Geagea emphasized.

He added: “It is not the first time that Sayyed Nasrallah mentions the issue of bringing non-Lebanese fighters into Lebanon, and this matter is totally rejected by us and by the majority of the Lebanese people.”

“I hope this will be the last time that he tackles this issue, because Lebanese sovereignty does not belong exclusively to him, but rather to all representatives of the Lebanese people,” Geagea went on to say.

Nasrallah, gave an interview to al-Mayadeen TV on Wednesday, a channel sympathetic to his party, in which he discussed the war in Syria, Saudi intervention in the region, the chances of a new war with Israel, and his own salary, among other issues.

He revealed that he received messages from Yemen’s Abdulmalek Al-Houthi expressing the readiness of the Ansarullah to send fighters to participate in any war with Israel. They are prepared to take part in any predictable war with Israel against the resistance and the Palestinians.

“We have received messages from the leadership of Ansarullah that they are willing to send tens of thousands of fighters to confront in any war with Israel.” He said

Nasrallah stressed that Yemen is an important part of the resistance axis, which includes Iran, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.

In the interview Nasrallah also

    • Attacked Trump’s decision on Jerusalem , which he said will spell out the ‘end of Israel’
    • Described the Iranian protests as small, but he stressed that they should not be ignored.
    • Blamed “America, Israel and Saudi Arabia” for the Iran crisis
    • Disclosed that Hezbollah pays him between $1,300 and $1,400 each month a claim met with scepticism by some and evidence of his humble nature by others.. One Lebanese journalist cautioned: “Nasrallah’s salary is symbolic because all financial allocations pass through him.”
    • He also claimed that Trump’s team tried to establish contact with Hezbollah in November 2016, following the election in 2016
    • He predicted the Syrian civil war will last for another one or two years