Hezbollah chief blasts Trump’s Jerusalem move, calls for a Palestinian uprising


nasrallah jerusalemHezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah blasted  US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem (al-Quds)  as Israel’s capital calling the move an  ” insult to all Muslims and a violation of international law.

He branded  Trump’s decision on Jerusalem as the “second Balfour Declaration” .

“What will be the fate of the Palestinian residents in Jerusalem? What will be the fate of the Palestinian properties in Jerusalem? Will they be appropriated or demolished? “He asked and added

“All Palestinians agree that East Jerusalem should be the capital of their state and today the U.S. has rejected this although it is the guarantor of the agreements.”

Nasrallah said that  with this move Trump  is saying  the Palestinian cause has ended .

” The fate of the Palestinian cause is at stake. What would be left of the cause when you take Jerusalem out of it? Trump is saying that the Palestinian cause has ended and those who believe in negotiations must pay attention to his words.”

Nasrallah warned that with this move the holy sites are in danger .

” The holy sites are under an extreme danger and al-Aqsa Mosque is now in danger. Do not be surprised if one day we wake up to find al-Aqsa Mosque demolished”

He called for a Palestinian uprising( Intifada )

The most important response would be a Palestinian uprising( Intifada )  and an Islamic summit that would declare Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Palestine.

He also called for summoning U.S. ambassadors in Arab and Islamic states to protest Trump’s move and for severing “public and secret” Arab ties with Israel.

He also called for a “huge popular rally” on Monday in Beirut’s southern suburbs to condemn what he described as “the U.S. aggression.”