Geagea urges Hezbollah’s withdrawal from regional conflicts as solution for Hariri’s ‘crisis’


geagea one armyLebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stressed  on Saturday that “if the March 8 alliance really and truly” wants PM Saad Hariri to return to Lebanon they would “withdraw from the regional conflicts .”

“To all those of March 8 group shedding tears over Hariri’s absence…If you really and truly  want his return to Lebanon it only takes  a simple decision of withdrawing from the regional conflicts ,” said Geagea in a tweet.

Geagea’s tweet was in reference to Hezbollah’s involvement, without naming the party, in the crisis in Syria and other Arab countries as a power struggle intensified between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which backs Lebanon’s Hezbollah .

A political crisis has gripped Lebanon and shattered the relative peace maintained by its coalition government since Hariri’s surprise announcement on Nov. 4 from Riyadh that he was resigning.

Lebanese officials have insisted on the return home of Hariri from Saudi Arabia amid rumors he is being held against his will.

In other words Geagea is telling Hezbollah to abide by the  Baabda Declaration

The Baabda Declaration calls for disassociating Lebanon from the events in Syria war and other regional conflicts and was approved in a national dialogue session in June 2012, which Hezbollah representatives attended.
But thousands of Hezbollah fighters are still  fighting alongside the forces loyal to president Bashar Al Assad against the mostly Sunni Syrian rebels who are seeking to overthrow the 40 year old regime.
Hezbollah has also been actively involved  in Terrorist cells in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and has been involved in the wars in Iraq and Yemen .

President Michel Aoun , a key ally o Hezbollah has called on Saudi Arabia to “clarify the reasons for the delay in Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s return to Lebanon” after his shock announcement last week from Riyadh.

Hariri resigned last Saturday a day after the adviser to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali AkbarVelayati met with him at his office in Grand Serai.

During the meeting he reportedly threatened Hariri to reject the strategy of the US administration against Hezbollah, or Lebanon will face chaos and Saad Hariri will meet the fate of his father who was assassinated on February 14th 2005.

In announcing his resignation from the Saudi capital Riyadh Hariri stressed that “The current circumstances are very similar to those surrounding the assassination of , his father former PM Rafik Hariri.”

According to Iranian website Amadnews that has inside sources familiar with what happened at the meeting, Velayati threatened Hariri that if he did not implement what Tehran demanded in support of Hezbollah, “Lebanon would see a great mess, and Hariri would meet his father’s fate”.

Aoun  refused to accept Hariri’s resignation until he returns to Lebanon.



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  1. Geagea is right. This whole thing is about abiding by the Baabda Declaration ,. Te question is will Iran allow Hezbollah to make such a decision ???

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