Geagea not surprised by Hariri’s resignation. Saw it coming because of Hezbollah’s behavior


geagea on MTVLebanese Forces  leader Samir Geagea said  during an interview with MTV on Wednesday  that he was not surprised when he heard about   PM Saad Hariri’s  resignation but what surprised him the most was the timing.

He dismissed all the rumors surrounding the resignation and urged the politicians to focus  more on the reason  behind it

Geagea  decried Hezbollah’s military parade in Qusayr, its tour for journalists on the southern border, its announcement that tens of thousands of foreign fighters will take part in any future war with Israel, the party’s alleged involvement in Kuwait’s al-Abdali cell, and its negotiations with the IS group during the army’s border offensive.

The Qusayr  parade   was Hezbollah’s first ever military parade on foreign soil.  In the parade Hezbollah showed   a wide array of  artillery: Soviet-made T-72 tanks, Russian Kornet anti-tank missiles armored personnel carriers, rapid response motorcycles and KS-12A anti-aircraft weapons.The most significant and worrisome vehicles on display were the American-made M113 armored personnel carriers (APCs), the type provided to the Lebanese army (LAF) by the United States, prompting many analysts to speculate that the group may have received them from the LAF.

The Hezbollah  tour for journalists on the southern border  with Israel  took place the day when Hariri was meeting with US president  Donald Trump to convince  him to help train and equip  Lebanese army

Hezbollah leader  Hassan Nasrallah said last July  that a future war waged by Israel against Syria or Lebanon could draw thousands of Shiite  fighters from   Iran,  Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan countries including Iran and Iraq.

Kuwait authorities seized last August  a huge arms cache smuggled from Iraq and hidden beneath houses near the border, by members of a cell linked to   Hezbollah . Three suspected members of militant cell  were arrested.

Geagea on Wednesday said we are undoubtedly in a crisis, but it is similar to the rest of the crises that we went through, and like we managed to overcome the previous crises, we will overcome this crisis. He  ruled out a military strike against Hezbollah

Addressing the issue of a new cabinet he  noted that a technocrat cabinet alone cannot resolve the political crisis in the country or with Saudi Arabia in the wake of Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s resignation

Commenting on his his recent visit to Saudi Arabia he said : Saudi officials were dismayed by the situation in Lebanon and they were not waiting for me to describe the situation.

He stressed that the crisis that we are going through was not born today. Hariri’s resignation is the result of a long accumulation.

Commenting on his yesterday’s meeting with president Aoun he said

The meeting was friendly and we discussed the current crisis. I emphasized on two points: the first is that he made a good step by not rushing things and going straight to parliamentary consultations, and the second is that we must address the core of the issue and not the technicalities.

Geagea reiterated in  his interview  that the focus in Lebanon should be the causes  of Hariri’s resignation stressing that   “Hezbollah should end its involvement in the region’s crises” in order to spare Lebanon any repercussions.



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  1. Geagea has the right ideas but little power to implement them. Unfortunatly everyone expects Hezb/Iran to act very badly if they are asked to follow the laws. The best outcome at this point is to create two separate mini states and sit back and watch Israel flatten the new big-mouth Hezbullahstan.

    1. Thanks but no thanks for the advice .
      We only want one state in Lebanon. You cannot have more than one state within the state ‘s boundaries.
      I think Israel, Iran and others should leave Lebanon alone . We can make it on our own and don’t need any help from outside and the less provocation the better

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Well said for God’s sake

        1. God has nothing to do with it, or with you.

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar

            More importantly God has nothing to do with Zionism

      2. Hannibal Avatar

        That comment ROCKS the heart of zionazism. Kudos to you.

      3. Israel never actually cared much about Lebanon, beyond some touristy hummus nostalgia (and Begin’s fleeting sentimental feelings for the Maronites). The only reason it got involved in Lebanon is because the Lebanese keep surrendering their country to armed-to-the-teeth thugs who see Jihad against Israel as their life’s purpose. By the way, stubbornly ignoring (or denying) this pretty obvious fact is a very Lebanese way of dealing with unpleasant realities. 🙂

    2. Hind Abyad Avatar

      So thinks Ruthie Riegler

      1. Just my observation Hind dear. Getting cold yet?

  2. You nailed Dr

    “the focus in Lebanon should be the causes of Hariri’s resignation stressing that “Hezbollah should end its involvement in the region’s crises” in order to spare Lebanon any repercussions.

  3. Another Puppet that whines but too late.
    Iran will never give up it’s proxy slaves Hezbollah after it invested so much to get control over Lebanon.
    Hezbollah obeys now orders directly from Iran and will do what ever the Mullas will tell them.
    So Lebanon is doomed, crying out for help want do anything as no one will give a damn about the situation in this puppet country.

    And most Bozos here see Hezbollah as the savior of Lebanon.
    Lebanese were always fools, nothing has changed.

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