Lebanese TV host kicks out Hezbollah supporter during live episode


Walid Abboud, the host of the show Bi Mawdouiyah which airs on the Lebanese television channel MTV, asked university lecturer Habib Fayad who supports Hezbollah to leave the studio while the episode was airing live on Saturday night.

Abboud did so when an argument between him and Fayad escalated after the latter kept interrupting Saudi Minister of State for Gulf Affairs Thamer al-Sabhan who was shortly hosted by the show over the phone.

Abboud tried to manage the episode and asked Fayad to allow Sabhan to talk but he insisted to keep interrupting him and using inappropriate words. The situation thus escalated and Fayad asked Abboud: “How much are they paying for this?” to which Abboud slammed him and said: “Shame on you. Respect yourself. You (truly) do not respect anyone or the host,” and asked him to leave.