Kuwait sends protest to Lebanon over Hezbollah practices


HEZBOLLAH terrorismCourt trial confirmed “Hezbollah plot to destroy Kuwait’s basic infrastructure”

Manama: Kuwait has delivered a protest to the Lebanese government, urging it to assume its responsibilities towards “irresponsible practices by Hezbollah, a component of the government.”

Kuwait’s Ambassador to Lebanon Abdul Aal Al Qenaei announced the protest as he made comments on reports cited by social media regarding a missive from the Kuwaiti foreign ministry to Lebanon following the verdict by the Court of Cassation, the highest court in Kuwait, in the case of Al Abdali terror cell.

The ruling pronounced in June following a long trial affirmed the involvement of Hezbollah in intelligence, coordination of meetings, payment of funds, and provision of weapons and training on Lebanese territory with the aim of destroying the basic infrastructure of the State of Kuwait, the statement, carried by Kuwait News Agency (Kuna), said.

The ambassador said Kuwait called on the Lebanese government to take measures in order to deter such heinous practices by Hezbollah.

He stressed Kuwait’s keenness on maintaining and promoting “distinguished fraternal relations with Lebanon.”




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  1. Lebanon is sorry, they do not control Hezbullah. Please refer to Iran for all future complaints regarding the actions of these Jihad terrorist.
    Hello, the plans and the orders come from the mad mullahs in Tehran. If is useless to complain to Lebanon, they have absolutely no power over anything.

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